Andrei Emanuel Pop

Trainer at Basic Etiquette Training Team

Hello! I am Andrei Emanuel Pop, a proud member of the Basic Etiquette Training Team. 

I am a Romanian citizen, but had the chance to study full-time at the United States Military Academy, at West Point, NY, where I participated in multiple etiquette training events, as well as had the opportunity to practice it in both my professional and social life. 

In the beginning, I looked at etiquette as a set of rules of accepted behaviours within a society or a group. That is how things were portrayed while at these training events. However, that vision bothered me, so I decided to delve into this field a bit deeper. As such, over the past 3 years, I studied various books, courses, as well as the history of this field in order to determine not only the rules but the essence behind those rules. 

This knowledge has helped me gain successes on countless occasions in both my professional career and social life. It is also a skill set that enabled me to greatly expand my social and professional networks and has allowed me to confidently connect with new people. This is why I believe the ideas in this course are worth sharing. They enabled me to not only have success, but to also become a high quality individual that can truly add value to society.

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