Amie Regester

President, Greater Than Rubies

Amie spent her public high school years defending her faith and her vegetarianism in rural Arkansas--where if you don't eat a whole cow for breakfast, you're weird. After getting a degree in Corporate Communication she proceeded to get jobs in everything but communications: including but not limited to sales, crisis hotlines, fitness and economic development. Looking back, she realized that her favorite jobs (Union College Resident Assistant, Assistant Girl's Dean, and Youth Leadership Coordinator) have all had to do with helping young women figure out life's tough stuff.

Amie now works to create experiences and resources to empower her sisters-in-Christ to lead their most successful lives possible. She works on her website and ministry project Greater Than Rubies, from her church office in Arroyo Grande, CA. She loves Jesus, books about theology, painting stuff, eating stuff and being warm. She loves her family!

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