Amanda Orozco

Certified Google Educator. Licensed TN Secondary Teacher.

For the past five years, I have worked as a classroom teacher, both in the US and abroad, teaching students of all ages on a variety of topics.  I love teaching, and I also love technology and the ways it can help us all to work smarter and collaborate more effectively every day.  


B.A. Spanish, History Minor


Tennessee State Practitioner License - Spanish & History, Grades 7-12
Google Educator (Level 2) - Completed Nov 2015


Google Apps in the EFL Classroom - Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala - Training session given to university students preparing to be K-12 English teachers, as part of a two-day conference. (Mar 2016)

Google Aplicaciones para la Educación - Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala - Training given to university professors showcasing and demonstrating the use of Google Apps in the higher ed classroom.  Given in Spanish. (Nov 2015)

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