Nicole DiPaolo

Principal Theory Teacher at Liberty Park Music

Nicole Elyse DiPaolo, currently the principal theory teacher at Liberty Park Music, is a versatile composer, pianist, and scholar originally hailing from the Detroit area. Currently pursuing a PhD in Music Theory at Indiana University, she recently completed a doctoral minor in composition, having studied with Claude Baker, Don Freund, P. Q. Phan, and David Schneider. She also holds a B.Mus. in Music Theory from the University of Michigan, where she studied composition with Bright Sheng and piano with Louis Nagel and Michele Cooker.

As a music theorist, Nicole has published articles on Beethoven, Giovanni Sgambati and Giuseppe Martucci, and she has presented at numerous conferences in the US and internationally. Her other research interests include music theory pedagogy; music perception and cognition; form and phrase structure; and schema theory. Nicole also taught as an Associate Instructor at Indiana University for five years, covering the entire undergraduate core curriculum in both written theory and aural skills along with graduate review aural skills.

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