Albert Polanco

Lifelong Learner, Video Marketing Consultant & Instructor

With over 10 years of online marketing and design experience  Albert has helped small businesses to grow their brand image and engagement through video, marketing, design and development. 

Albert has been a marketing director for several aftermarket automotive brands that through his efforts became market contenders and gained market share that led to increased business and audience engagement.

Albert then started his video production company Revolt Cinematic Media in 2015 and quickly became an in demand videographer / cinematographer, editor and drone operator that has had the opportunity to travel the world to complete work for clients. 

Albert had a particular interest in the film and entertainment industry and has become a practicing freelancer in the entertainment industry. 

Albert discovered his various skill sets in marketing, video production, design and self development all combined to give him a unique ability to help others in new and exciting ways. 

Albert's journey into the world of self development and self directed learning has led him to read and study over 70 books last year alone, with 200 on the list for 2017. 

This hunger for knowledge paired with his desire to inspire and help others has brought him to now being a consultant and instructor in multiple industries. 

Albert's passion for learning became a passion for sharing that value and helping others to set and accomplish their goals. 

Albert strives to help others to find passion, purpose and progress in their lives through what he calls a Life Design Blueprint with a Udemy course and book in development at the time of this writing.

Albert's main focus is provide value and help others to grow in what ever capacity he can help to facilitate. 

Albert has several courses, books and in person training events on the books for 2017. 

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