Adana Washington

Tarot Reader. Author. Artist.

I've been working with tarot for over eight years. My first tarot deck was the Gothic Tarot of Vampires, a deck that I bought for myself on my eighteenth birthday. I've been doing tarot readings ever since.

Over the years, I've developed a blunt, straightforward reading style that I've carried over into my tarot books. I've written The Sassy Tarot Little White Book, Tarot Conversations, and Tarot In Real Life. Two of my books have even become Amazon best sellers for tarot.

I recently fulfilled my dream of publishing my very own tarot deck. The Kundalini Tarot deck is the product of five years of studying, practicing and drawing while influenced by kundalini energy. It features black and white artwork that celebrates the female form and allows for unrestrained intuition-based reading.

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