Kerrie Martin

Academic Coach, Teacher, and Life Coach

I would describe myself as a passionate student success expert and would do so based on my years of experience and success as a psychology teacher, student mentor, academic coach, academic assessor and life coach.

While my career began in the classroom at the school and college levels, my current roles have seen me focus more on helping students focus more on the fundamental principles and behaviours that underline academic success.

I have a Bachelors degree in Human Psychology, and have done further study in the areas of Life Coaching, Secondary Education and Counselling. All of these areas say something about who I am in that all of them focus on developing others.

My business 'Achieve on Purpose' focuses on "equipping people with the direction, strategies and skills to discover and develop their inner excellence" and I would say this company mission also serves as my personal mission. I am passionate about bringing potential out in others and the courses I aim to bring to Udemy will strive to do exactly that.

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