Abhinav Gupta

App Game Developer, Motivational Speaker & Lifelong Learner

"A day well planned is a DAY WELL LIVED!", Abhinav Gupta - 2015

Success takes on many forms, from money to love to a complete balance between all areas in your life...and it's NOT EASY! However over the years I have learnt many methods, techniques and systems that have helped me to succeed time and time again to overcome many challenges, from business life to personal life and beyond! And it doesn't stop there, I'm continuously learning new things daily and teaching what I learn to the WORLD!

The greatest feeling is all the "Thank You's" I get from my students who show me that I'm able to make a difference in their lives by teaching them something that took me time to learn.

I am personally INSPIRED to bring the greatest quality I can to the creations I make, so much so, that if the Universe stopped and took a look here on our world, they would say, "You see that? That is truly the very BEST I've seen of him!" This is what I aspire to acheive every time I create a new piece of work, to be the very best ME I can be, from teaching courses to creating the next great mobile game and more! I am inspired to bring my very best to the table, and I look forward to having you do the same!

Knowledge is POTENTIAL POWER until it is applied...thats when it becomes TRUE power and can change our lives forever! For this reason I also learn daily, from reading books to even taking many Udemy courses myself and even learning new things and doing my best to apply what I've learned ALL THE TIME!

Every successful person has learned from someone else! Let us all therefore learn and teach each other so we may all succeed and pass on wisdom and knowledge from generation to generation!

Will you take part in that great vision with me? Together we can make a beautiful future together! I look forward to both teaching you and learning from you and I thank both my loyal students and my fellow instructors and teachers in life! Together we can learn, teach and grow...together we can make this world a place of greatness and hope for generations to come!

WHAT I TEACH (Major Course Categories and Areas of Expertise):
-Motivation and Inspiration
-Mobile App and Game Development
-Software and Web Development
-Business and Entrepreneurship Related Courses
-Future Areas I'm planning to teach: Music, Book Authoring, Movie creation and Directing, Investing, Health and Body

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Abhinav Gupta was born and raised in Canada and is the Lead Developer and CEO of Game Scorpion Inc. He is an App and Game Developer, Motivational Speaker, Health Enthusiast, Creative Artist and a Lifelong Learner. With a passion for knowledge he seeks to motivate and teach others what he has learned and constantly tries to empower others to become the very best that they can be as well. He is the writer of hit book, "App Trillionaires: How To Become An App Developer" and His motto in life can be summed up by his own personal quote he spoke in 2008 which was, "Many dream a dream and wake up to reality...some dream a dream and make it reality!"


Abhinav is a graduate of Computer Science with a BSc. from Ryerson University in Canada (2008). He also has an A+ CompTia Certification (2005) and also obtained a certification in C++ in 1997 from DeVry Institute of Technology.

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