Abdur Rehman Khalil

Student Electrical Engineering at SEECS, NUST

I am a final year Electrical Engineering Student at SEECS, NUST. I love programming. I have a lot of experience in IoT. I have some experience in Web Development and Game Development. For last 3 Years, I taught in Many different workshop organized by different societies at my University on Arduino, STM32 and nodeMCU etc.

Most of what I learned, like you, was online. i.e. Mostly Free. I always wanted to give back to the community. Here, I am accomplishing this goal by creating a complete course on what I learned and make this learning process easy for other.

Right Now, I have one course related to FreeRTOS. At the time when I started creating this course there was no other online video lecture course that could help you get started with FreeRTOS from scratch. That's why I felt the need to create this project.

Like all rest of Humanity, I am also imperfect. I am trying my best to present the error-free content to all of my fellow learners but sometimes, there might be some mistake. I am Sorry If something like that happens to you. Please correct me if necessary or at-lest point out whats the error and I will be very thankful to you.

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