Frank Cuccaru

CEO at Meijin Limited and Apple Certified Trainer

I have been using Macs for over 15 years, and I have been teaching it for the last 10.

I am passionate about teaching and sharing my skills and discoveries with people who are willing to learn and share as well. I have used Windows systems in the early 90's, and I was a bit intimidated by the Mac when I purchased one for the first time almost two decades ago. So If you are a Windows user, I know what you are going through.

I honestly believe the Mac can change the way you work or perform your art, without the hassling of fixing things that don't deserve your time.

I started using my mac in my early music career by composing soundtracks for theatre, then moved to writing my music and used programs such as Garageband, Logic Pro, Protools and others extensively. I also have used Final Cut, iMovie, After Effects for some years in depth.

I am passionate about investing and have five years of experience in property investing, Forex, and trading in general.

I don't consider myself an expert. However, I have dived into different fields in the last 20 years that got me involved in the professional partnership.

Things I do and am passionate about:

Music Composer 

Music teacher 

Yogi enthusiast 

Guitar teacher 

Property investing 

Trading  Marketing & Digital products making 

Personal Development 

Book writing

If any of these topics interest you, please let me know, and I might create something I can share with you. I love suggestions, positive and negative constructive feedback that can help me improve and deliver my best to you.

Professional background:

Ceo and Founder of Meijin Limited.  Meijin Academy is a brand under Meijin Limited, which is a community about learning new skills to earn an income from home.

Apple Business Trainer for one of the Top Fortune 500 companies. Working in the consumer electronics industry. Skilled in OS X, Mac OS X Server, Marketing, Sales and Property investing. 

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