Fellow of the ACCA, DBA, BA/ Educ,

A Practicing Accountant with many years Experience

I designed and partly built the Template on this course

25 Years Experience Teaching Theory and Practical Accounting

Taught at High schools, City College Coventry, and Halifax University, Birmingham

Published Author with several Accounts titles

Administrator at the Association of Practical Accounts (APA), UK.

APA is tasked to provide Practical Accounts Training in a classroom environment, which addresses the shortage of Training Facilities in the work environment.

The newly qualified in Accounting are not able to deliver at work. The idea of learning at work is only accessible to a few. Many finalists are not offered jobs since employers require practical experience.

APA aims to narrow the gap between what is taught on many courses, and the skills required at work. There is a mismatch between graduates and the crucial skills desired by employers especially the business sector. Its difficult to justify the size of the gap in the 21st Century.

Modern procedures have been modified to save time, overcome weaknesses, adjust to tax report layouts, and are software Oriented.

Most courses deliver Accounting knowledge without the technical or practical skills required in the modern workplace. Many only scratch the Bookkeeping Function, which is the backbone of the Accounting Function. The Accounts File Preparation should be straight forward if the Bookkeeping is done properly from start. However, since Bookkeeping is often left in a mess, Final Accounts Preparation starts by Reviewing Bookkeeping, which is often complicated and stressful.

That is why we have opted for automating the Process, Saving time, and filling in the skills shortage. All is left accessing, presenting, and explaining the Reports.

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