Dave Burrell

Accounting Instructor, B.Comm, Economics Nerd

I worked on my BComm, majoring in Accounting and Finance at Ryerson University and am currently a CPA student. I've run Notepirate (an accounting and finance website) for 5 years and have worked as an Accounting and Finance educator for 6 years. My videos have been used by countless CPA websites and continuing education websites like TVO's, Independent Learning Center. 

Growing up in Toronto (Canada) I started my Accounting education in high school at North Toronto Collegiate. Like many of you, I struggled to master the fundamentals of Accounting which eventually lead to me being frustrated and confused. I understand this feeling (that you might be having) much too well. 

During the summer I took some time to go back and re-read everything from the beginning. I focused on the fundamentals specifically, because everything you learn in Accounting is derived from them. This provided a strong foundation for me to teach Accounting because of my original confusion with the subject but also my subsequent clarity of the subject. 

When I explain concepts, you're going to see that I not only provide lectures on the subject, but also provide a deep understanding of the material.

Accounting and finance has not only influenced my professional life but also my personal life. Decisions are made on a daily basis. I believe that a strong education in Accounting and Finance equips us with the know how to make sound decisions. 

I look forward to working with you all :)

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