·Your Guide to Your First Deal

I am a Real estate agent and Investor so I do this for a living.       

I have purchased 5 properties with little to no money  and closed wholesale deals,I have flip homes and Purchase a couple of rentals before I was 21.

·       Profits Totaling  to 51,254 Gross in 16 months

·       I have Flip properties, Wholesale Real Estate Contracts ,and I have less than a half dozen paid of rentals all within my first 16 months in Real Estate

·       I have Wholesaled 6 deals in my first 12 months

·       I have Invested over 10,000 in business, Real Estate, and marketing education

·       I’m a part of the Oakland Real Estate investing Association and the Michigan Real Estate Investing Association

·       I have attended more than 10 live training events equaling weeks of Real estate education

·       I have read over 200 books concerning business and Life and Real Estate

·       I have 4 very talented and respected advisors with real estate experience equaling over 100 years

·       Currently we are buying 10 properties in the Wayne county Auction

·       Our Power Team is Adam The Contractor and Karrie The person that makes everything work haha

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