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Learn about the types of websites there are and what may be best for you, website goal setting, and planning for your wix website design

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English [Auto] In this next section, we're going to be reviewing how you can master planning for your website prior to starting your website. We're going to review the different types of websites that there are and the one that might be best for you your website goals, your website design in terms of how you want the website to look. The wording on your website and website media, which is inclusive of photos and videos. Let's get started. The first question you might ask yourself is What type of website do you need? Well, there are many different types of websites, and you can ultimately categorize the website you want based upon the following. The first is called an informational website. This pertains to a website where its purpose is to share information to either generate business or interest or to just inform the public. This could be a business website, resume or personal website. There are portfolios, nonprofits and much more. The second is called an e-commerce website or store website. This is a website where you're actually selling something. You could be selling T-shirts, baked goods, services such as consultation or tickets. There are plenty of options, but the primary purpose of this type of website is to sell something. The third is a blog website. This is a site that's regularly updated and it's run by one person or a group of individuals. This is great for information sharing, such as news and or articles. Many individuals will either have an informational or an e-commerce website and they will still add a blog page. So you don't have to have a website dedicated to a blog. You can still integrate this feature in the other types of websites that there are. And then last is a landing page website. This is a website where all of the information that you're sharing is on one page. The menu as opposed to going to different pages will take you to different sections on that one page. This is great for resumes websites where you don't have a lot of information to share portfolios as well as quick form sign ups. One of the most exciting things about leveraging Wix is that over the years they've evolved. And so what that means is previously, as they didn't have the architecture in place to support the differentiating types of what would appear to be advanced Web sites, they now have the applications and also streamlined technologies to make these types of websites also feasible as well. The first thing is subscription websites with monthly or recurring annual payments. So thinking about if there is the need to render to a customer something on a continual basis that can be supported and managed in the website. Hotels and short term rental websites. So thinking about bookings for stays that represent the need of identifying a quantity of rooms as well as for per night, and then also collecting payment event websites such as for concerts are also conferences and having a way to sell those tickets and registrations membership websites where there is the option to sign up as well as authenticate in via signing in to access members only content customer portals as well, which coincides very much so like memberships, but it represents more so something that your customers would access and then also job boards as well. Now this does not only represent the entire full list of websites that are feasible on Wix, but it is important to note that Wix has grown over the years and thus now there is a lot more functionality as well as capabilities that are available. And so one of the thing to point out is that even if there is not a Wix native application to support the functionality, meaning that there is an application that Wix has created, Wix has grown to be where they're so robust now that if there is a software or is an application that is external to wix, there still may be the option to integrate that functionality into your website. Next, we're going to review what you may have for your website goals. Now, it is important to realize that your business goals are separate from your website goals. Your website is a tool that is utilized to aid your business. And just like you have specific goals for other parts of your business, you should also have goals for your website. The most common goal that there is is to create awareness. This is to ultimately increase the awareness amongst the public about your brand and what it is that you do. So with this in mind, you want to strongly implement your brand, your logo, your purpose, and you want to make sure that on your website you advertise the products and services that you're offering. The second goal is to capture elites. This is for individuals that might be interested in working with you. This is emails as well as phone calls to capture leads. You ultimately do want to put your forms somewhere on your website, either on the home page, on the contact page. Maybe in the footer. But ultimately you want them to take an interest in what it is that you're offering. So through your awareness, you then get individuals looking to work with you. The third is conversions. This is getting your visitors to do what you want them to do. It could be to buy a product. It could be to sign up for something. It could be filling out a form. With this in mind, when you're looking for conversions, a lot of people will showcase their products or services on multiple pages of the website, as well as they will keep buttons that are consistently seen across the pages, such as in the header and the footer. And that's also inclusive of signing up for forms. So you might say sign up here today, and that's on a banner that's across all of the pages. This is for individuals looking for, again, to get the visitor to do something they want them to do. The next thing we'll get into are the fun parts. How do you want your website to look? You already identified the type of website you want. You already identified the goals that you have for the website. Now you want to review how you want that website to be displayed. So what colors do you want to use? This is great by looking at your favorite colors. If you already have a logo or a brand. What colors have you implemented within that? Also, you could do some research by looking at other brands. But ultimately you want to select the colors or perhaps a theme. The second is identifying a layout that you like. This can get a tad bit tricky because you might not be sure of what you want, but the best thing is to do research and to look at other websites. The third is your page quantity. Now, this is something where you say, I want a homepage, and about page, a services page and a contact page. That's four pages. But you might be a person where you just want to write about your business and then later go back and break out those different words into categories by page. So with that in mind, you always want to make sure that you're categorizing the right information under the right page. This way a user knows which page to navigate to. To learn about that information. The fourth is the functionality that you need. Now, you might just be looking for informational. That's to include wording about your business, such as on the about page or the home page or on the services page. But you may also find a need for a blog or a store, or you may want to have a gallery for your portfolio. And then also, Wix does have applications where it gives you the ability to add a few more features into your website. That might also be beneficial. But it is important to take note of the functionality that you need. Fifth. You want to identify the branding that you want. So if you are a business, branding is very important because you do want to make sure that individuals know that they're working with a business and ultimately that they're working with your business. And then six looking at example websites, I can say for best practices, this is the best thing to do. You want to look at Wix templates and you can click the link there, which is Wix dot com forge slash website for its last templates. Or you can go to a website called Team Forest dot net. Now Theme Forest does not have Wix templates, but they do have a very, very big portfolio of different website templates for other platforms. But they look fantastic. And by looking at those, you might identify a design that you want to kind of implement on your website. You're kind of utilizing Wix templates and theme forest as two sources for inspiration. And then you can also look at your competitors websites for inspiration as well. It's always great to see what they have out there. So, you know, whether or not you want to do something a little bit similar or different.