8 Real Examples of Bad CVs

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8 Real Examples of Bad CVs

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A Secret Strategy to make your education section more impactful, even when you have a low GPA
The Art of Credibility Markers to come across as a top performer even when you don’t have notable achievements.
3 Mistakes you are making in your Resume, resulting in employers throwing it away without even reading
Downloadable Template for my Resume that got me Interviews and Job offers from Microsoft, HSBC, VISA, Unilever, and about a dozen other high-paying companies
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The examples of bad TV that I have selected hand-picked from the CV is that I receive frustrate yours so I have tried to anonymize them. In some cases taken the details off name and company out. So you see black marks there but otherwise all the information is preserved as it is not touched upon. Let's see the first TV we have is it looks like this so on the top here we have address which is completely unnecessary. As we learn later what comes at the top and just don't go into much details yet. Just take a general field. Does your CV look like this education section for example is just highlighting the degrees and not giving any context of what was studied. The courses that were studied what was achieved in terms of any other achievements like medals or awards or recognition and we'll get into that. We'll get into that but this is generally what I want you to take out of it. Also the bullet points are more like paragraphs here which it's it's a no no. I have one you'll see how to construct it better. And of course it's a long CV the two pages and and there's a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed to get to the meat and other CV I have selected and I've selected it for the reason which is the first section objective of career objectives so many people so many of you write it and it doesn't mean anything. What does it mean that I'm keen to embark on a career now with dynamic environment towards a successful career by making the best of my professional abilities and interpersonal skills. All of these are flowery what they don't mean anything. Do you think that the employer will hire you for using these words every single CV uses these words we know these are not the words people use in real life. These are just CV words taken because everybody else is using them it makes you look it makes you look in your head that you're doing is my job. But as I said this is the opposite the opposite of smart. It means that you don't have something concrete to talk about. CV 3 we have we have a lot of errors here. Of course there is a profile picture that's a big no no in team it's unprofessional. All this extra information is unprofessional and will of course get into all the details but just take a feel out of it objective section. Not important table's not important work experience it's just again I'm not going to dissect it much but just get a feel if your CV looks like this then there's a problem. Let's get into CV for tried using a template that looks beautiful. The problem with it is that it doesn't pass. Stage two so things like let's say even if it passes Stage 1 once the employer reviews it in detail there's absolutely no meat. There is a seeking a challenging career with a progressive organisation that provides an opportunity kind of vague meaningless probably flowery language and then there are the job descriptions have no context design interview preparation of review report whatever that means. Do you think anybody will hire you for reviewing and preparing to view reports these things. Preparation of technical proposals these are generic terms. They don't mean anything. And again we'll get into details of what to do. It's again a two bit CV totally unnecessary. There's absolutely no meta then another CV which starts with a career objective which as we have seen many many times to practice the best of my skills and knowledge in a very reputable organisation doesn't mean anything. You don't I mean that bartering doesn't work in CV. There's a profile picture which is a big no no. And then there is again some fancy template to use and there's absolutely no meat. I have no idea what was studied here. I have no idea what happened in this internship. The name foundation whatever that is doesn't mean anything. I want to see what you've done. I want to see what you've learned. We'll go into that details as well. Let's move on first of course addresses are just completely unnecessary and a personal profile section again wanted to highlight this. And the trump card which we'll get into later in have one is missing in this eevee by trump card. In a nutshell what it means is that your biggest achievement right there and the friend that hooks them up when you open this CV the name employer opens his CV. We're not going to sit through all these research skills or cell structure microbiology. That's not how it works. Education should have gone first. In this case and this is a long CV down absolutely unnecessary things we don't need data of what. Not at all. Number seven profile picture. Big big mistake professional summary. And then it's just two pages. And don't know what to get out of it like what is your statement. There's no. That doesn't mean anything. Skill set. Excellent customer service doesn't mean anything strong is it. Attention to detail. There's absolutely nothing to take out of it as well and let's get to the last TV the last TV I have selected for reason like this so I get a lot of CBS where the work experience is just basically a list of all the machines or all the circuits that the applicant has worked on and the employee is not looking for these. The employer is not interested if the what motor you have worked on thirteen point eight gave me as well as one today to give me as well as you gave me. No not at all. The employer is interested in. Do you understand the switch gears or motors whatever this is irrespective of what Motorola switch gear that is and how what you have done in the job which has improved the process or the efficiency give us meet the vivid details of what you did into the three bullet point so if your CV contains work experience as I am sure you well because I get a lot of TV is with this this kind of work experience a lot a lot of technical details with would like a list of 15 bullet points. That's a big big no and this is one of the series by industry and yours you did that I revamped completely into into actually a one page CV and it's a full two bit CV so I'll show you the before and after as well. Once we get into the stage one and you will see how this is this is completely changed and now I want to give you an overview of what an outstanding CV looks like this CV is the model that by the time you end this course you will be able to make.