Introduction to Day Trading Options

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Introduction to Day Trading Options

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This course will teach how to replace (or improve) your current income. The purpose is to get your life back from the 40 hour work week. We have many students that have significantly improved their lives by doing some up-front learning and practice. This is happening for many people.

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Stock Option Day Trading with Chart Pattern Trading Tools

Level 2. 10% in 10 Minutes. Secret Proven Stock Options Strategies & Systems Revealed using Chart Pattern Trading

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Choose profitable Call and Puts
Understand basic strategies for entry and exiting of trades
Know the "10% in 10 Minutes" Options Strategy and How to Implement It
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Welcome to the course. Scott and I are very happy to be able to present this to you. One of the biggest challenges in life is that we're usually not the boss. The biggest benefit you get from this course is if you follow it is you'll get time back. You get to have your life back because for 40 hours of the week for most people we're busy working on doing all the things that the boss wants us to do. Even if you are the boss the boss is the customer. But if you've got the usual kind of boss then you know exactly what I'm talking about is that we're busy busy busy for most of the week looking after what everybody else needs so that we have a bit of money in our pocket and has better jobs and worse jobs. But the point is that you're not doing probably what you want to do if you've got a job. So the question isn't whether we can do 10 percent in 10 minutes. It's available and we can show you with live data and lots of past students that it's happening. The question is how do you get your hands on that in a reliable way so that you don't have to be on that telephone pole or wherever it is that you need to be to make your boss or your customers happy. You will have to do a little work to get good at this. You have to study the materials. It won't happen in just an hour. You'll have to spend many hours maybe four weeks practicing in your spare time to make this right. Some people take as much as three months to get good at it before they put real money on and get the best of it. However once you start making money you're probably not going to go back to your old job and you get to enjoy the lifestyle that you've got now. So making money is fantastic but that's not what we're interested in. There's lots of ways to make money. What we want you to do is to make all the money you need or want and have lots of time available because it only takes 10 minutes to get 10 percent. That's what we teach. So within a 40 minute week and plus a few minutes getting set up and doing a few things like that let's say it takes you overall two hours to get it done. So you've got your income handled in about two hours a week. That's what we're here for and we give you all the rules and the tools so that you can do that. There's no mystery no guesswork. This is all systematized. You get to make some changes to what you want to do. So what indicators you like to use and which ones you don't. That's why there's a few to choose from. So these old indicators are why most people were not successful in a repeatable way. That was the problem. Well we don't have that problem anymore. We're done with it. We've been testing this on with real people for the last five years. So we're going to talk to you about indicators in detail. You've watched the first course that's fantastic if you haven't then you've got a little bit of catch up to do what you can handle it. So I want you to enjoy what you're getting here because it is very visual. There's a lot of details but it's to the point we don't ramble on we'd like to give it to you in enough detail that you'll like it. And then we go away. So here for example we do case studies. We do a detailed walkthrough so that you know exactly what we're talking about. But that's after you've gotten the beginnings. So this is how you Master things as you start out with nothing and then you get good at it.