How to Build a Mining PC: Step 1: Ordering Parts

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(A+B) How to Build a Mining PC: Step 1: Ordering Parts

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In the previous lecture I introduced the concept of the Bitcoin mining machine called the ant miner, also referred to as an a sic. Now, since mining most other cryptocurrencies is less competitive, we can use a computer to mine. Instead of buying an ant miner a specialized machine, we can actually build our own computer. However, it can't just be any computer, as we need to have a very, very high end graphics card to do this. And graphics cards are also called video cards, and they're also called GPUs, which stands for Graphics Processing Unit. Now, I'm starting with this component before discussing others, because it's the most important component when you're building a mining PC, way more important than the central processing unit. So let me just take this out here. Okay. All right, I'll take this out here. And what I'll do is I've got I've got a monitor up here, a part of my iPhone up here recording as well. So I will show you everything here. All right. So here is the unit here. There we go. And this. This thing is bad --. We check it out. It looks like something out of the Dark Knight. And I'll just get rid of this box here, and I'm going to lay all the other boxes out here for the stuff that we're going to be. We're going to be mining. It's pretty bad --. We turn it on. You see, lights. Looks really cool. My kids love it. Can't get rid of this stuff. All right, great. So I'll put this over here. Okay, that's a GPU. So video game enthusiasts really don't like cryptocurrency miners when the price of cryptocurrency spikes in a short amount of time. Because when you see a crypto market spike, when you see prices go up a lot, people buy more mining components to build rigs or mining PCs, as some people call them. So what we're going to do is in this lecture, we're going to talk about ordering parts and then we will put together all the parts from scratch so that we can start mining cryptocurrencies. And there's so many terms. And if you're an expert, you probably don't need to watch this lecture when it comes to building a PC, but I'll go through them. Gigabyte Ram, SSD, HDD. There's so many intimidating terms that you often hear, but they're really not as hard to handle as they sound. And so building a PC or a mining rig, same thing is as easy as building a Lego set. You know, all it's involved is following directions and plugging in all the stuff into the motherboard and then the outside rig, which I'll explain in a second. It's like the case, so it's really easy to do and it's a lot of fun and you have to do it if you want to. Mine certain cryptocurrencies. Now, depending on your budget, you can make a PC with with better parts. However many times. Just because a part is more expensive does not mean it is better. And just like how my kids Star Wars Lego legos are more expensive than the normal Lego sets, even though the product looks similar, it doesn't mean it's better. So an analogy in technology is how some mobile phones are expensive just because of the brand, even though other phones are cheaper and better. Okay. So no matter what your budget is, make sure that you spend more money on the important parts when mining like this graphics card here and you can save money on the less important parts like the CPU or RAM. I'll explain that in a minute and make sure that all your parts fit together. And many older parts no longer work with newer parts, so make sure everything can work together. And I'm going to teach you a really, really simple way to do this. So if you're not sure how to do this, I want you to please go with me to PC part picker and then I want you to select the parts that you want to use and I'll show you how to do this too. Okay, so think of PC part picker as being like an instruction manual that shows with Lego sets, and PC part picker will automatically filter out the parts that don't work with your computer pieces. And and just like that, you will be able to understand which pieces to order through the help that PC part picker will provide you. And then what we'll do after we have the list of parts for our mining PC, we'll go to Amazon and we'll buy the cheapest ones we can find that have decent enough ratings that can ship on time for me to make this video. And you can access all the resources that I discuss in this menu here. The categories are in alphabetical order, as you know. So let's scroll down to em for mining and access the part picker website here. Okay. So let's go to PC pop icon. This website is so amazing that it will not only help you build the PC that fits your needs, but you can also check out other PCs other people have made and kind of use their configurations. Kind of like downloading Lego instruction, manual PDFs for free, and you can access complete builds for a PC like a gaming PC, etc.. OC Cool. Moving on. So let's imagine that each part of the computer is like a part of the body. The CPU, also known as the central processing unit, is the brain of the computer, and it kind of controls everything that you do on your computer. And it's usually one of the most crucial parts for the computer. And as we pick out parts for our mining PC, we will be building this computer piece by piece. So make sure that you select the GPU, meaning graphics processing unit, video card first, as this is the most important thing to choose and everything else is less important than this. So let me just put the I'll put this box up here just you can kind of visualize what we're doing here and I'll lay out actually all the the boxes here, the stuff we choose, and I will put this away safely over here for now. Okay. So our computer that we're going to build is going to use this CPU, this graphics chip. It's called the Asus Radeon RX, Vega, 64 eight gigabits video card. And that's important for me to mention because we're going to be using the name of this product a lot when we're downloading mining software to install and also when we're calculating if it's going to be profitable at all for us to mine. OC and recall, please, from the last lecture how cooling these items is super, super important. And and that's why this this guy here has got three fans on it. As my son would say, that's dope. And and I chose this graphics card as it's one of the better ones out there. And I also wanted one that could mine several cryptos in this course, which I will show you how to do in part two of the course. Okay. So as I made this course, it's important for me to mention the price of this GPU dropped a bunch, which is somewhat expected because the price of cryptocurrencies dropped as I was making many parts of this course. And what you can also do is you can hook up your A TV to this. I'm going to use an HDMI port, see how it's on the back here. There's also an HDMI port in the motherboard, but that we're going to talk about ordering in a second, but we're going to hook our monitor up to this guy here, which is the HDMI port. And I'm just using a television I have from the house because it uses HDMI. I want to save some money as well. Okay, great. And my son is going to get upset with me because he is playing Fortnite right now. It's a Saturday and I need to get the TV for for this anyway. I'm not that popular in my house. Okay, so you'll you'll you'll remember that in the last lecture, I did not discuss connecting the ant miner to a monitor. As what we'll do with the Antminer is we will ping it, meaning we will connect to the AMP miner using your home network and your home router and I'll explain how to do this in this lecture here on mining Bitcoin in part 2.1 of the course. Okay. Back to building our computer now for non bitcoin crypto mining purposes. Okay. So as you can see here, I would build a PC here from scratch on this amazing PC part pensacon website. Now let's select here. Start a system build. And by the way, I already have all the parts here in this room. For this. This computer we're going to build. But it's important for me to show you how I use PC part picker to choose these parts. And so I did a screen record before. Okay. So on the website, we're going to choose the parts that we might need in order to build our mining PC. We've already got the GPU here, which is called the video card and PC part picker. Make sure that I only select compatible products when building our PC, which is why I start with this first because I want everything else to be compatible with this. Okay, great. So let's add our graphics card to PC part picker com by searching for it here. And we know that the brand name is this one here. Again, we start with the GPUs because the most important component when mining. And the important thing to to consider when picking a great GPU for mining is what is called the hashes per second. And I need to get my axe to show you this one. Okay, here we go. Hashes per second and hashes are what the video card will process. And the more you can process, the more you can mine. And this is hashes basically means the speed at which your mining rig PC will mine at. So anyway, just. Just think of how fast this mining acts can dig for gold. I put this down over here. Okay. Great. And to find out how many hashes your video card will. Minette, we're going to go to another website, so you might want to have two tabs open. We're going to go to a website called Buried one dot com. Again, every one of the Internet addresses we mentioned is here in part six, just sort by mining. So we're going to go to buried one dot com and we're going to go over here to knowledge and select the GPU hash rates option. And on this page, you will see many graphics cards that work well for mining. And the graphics card market is really dominated by just three, two or three. Actually, companies like AMD has a subsidiary called ATI. Those are their graphics cards. There's also Nvidia. Now AMD makes CPUs and that's important for me to mention that because I'm going to show you an AMD CPU really, really soon. So AMD makes CPUs just like Intel does. And AMD bought a great Canadian company called ATI. So AMD graphics cards are really Canadian. I got to represent in Canadian and Intel. I'm sure it's important for me to mention this. Intel I'm sure has always wanted to buy Nvidia, right? The other graphics card company. But with antitrust government bodies globally, the antitrust divisions would never, ever allow that to happen. And I mention that because then Intel would become too powerful, and we know that competition is good for the consumer. And the fact that fiat money, meaning paper money that we use and the fact that fiat money has not had any competition until now is a reason why fiat currencies have not seen much innovation. Great. Now, once run this page, please scroll down and we'll look for the GPU that you decide to purchase. And as you can see here, the AMD Vega 64 that I bought is definitely one of the more pristine graphics cards and we have high rates here for mining, Ethereum, Zcash and Monero, which we'll discuss in part two of the course. And it's also more expensive because it's got a higher hashing rate. Great. Now, the parts that I will show you that I decided to purchase are not only compatible with each other, you know, per pc part picker dot com. But I also made sure that the products were cheap enough, that they were in stock and that the ratings were good enough and that I could get them delivered to me on time to make this video. And what I did was I didn't just look at the ratings on PC website. I also went to Amazon and looked at the ratings there. And Amazon has better ratings because there's more of them. And one or two data points doesn't make a trend, but Amazon has a ton more data points than PC picker Broadcom does. Okay. Okay. And I promise you that prices will continue to come down a lot, as they always do in the long run with computer components. And as I prepare these lectures, every time I went back to to these websites here and Amazon, the prices kept dropping. It drove me crazy. But it's okay because prices will even be way lower by the time you watch this. And this course is meant to teach you how to build these things. Prices will come down, but the methodology will always stay the same. Okay, great. All right. So what does this stuff mean here? Well, per this image here from the buried one website for our graphics card. Our graphics card can mine the the Ethereum algorithm at a speed of 34 mega hashes per second. Now you see the mining see here as 40 mega hashes per second for Ethereum. Ozone means overclocking or Orange County if you're from Southern California. Right. So ozone means overclocking, which means if you're super, super technical and you want to modify or overclock your your your GPU this thing here, then you can make this card mine at 40 mega hashes per second for Ethereum mining OC and we're not going to do that though as it can be very dangerous as you can overheat and fry your graphics card. So safety first. Always, always, always. And this is why and I'm driving you crazy with this. I apologize, but I care. This is why I always have these fire extinguishers close by. Okay, great. Now, you can see here that it's easier for us to mine Zcash and Monero as you can currently mine them with my graphics card at lower speeds. So for Monero we can mine at 1750 hashes per second, which is the same thing as 1.75 hashes per second. And I'll explain this soon. I'll come back to this concept later in the course, and this will be much easier to understand as we actually mine these cryptocurrencies with this GPU. But I want to put that on your radar screen just for now. That concept and the last thing I'm going to say about our GPU for now is that I purchased this one to show you in the course as it mines a bunch of the cryptos covered in this course at a decent rate. Now, in the mining lectures, in part two of the course, we're we're going to revisit how to mine the other cryptos mentioned in this course with this GPU if applicable, make sure it's still recording. We're good. And some coins like Ripple cannot be mined. And we're going to cover each crypto's mining characteristics in the parts they're in, in the ten parts in part two of the course, meaning two part 2.1 for Bitcoin, 2.2 for Ethereum, etc. up to 2.10 for Stellar. And then if you click on that button at the top here, if I add more cryptocurrencies based on your demand, then we'll cover those there. So in each of the aforementioned ten parts, we will talk about how to mine or why we cannot mine certain cryptos. Okay, let's move on. So let's keep building our mining PC. Now let me explain the selection process of the non GPU items, meaning everything except for this one here GPU. Is also called the video card, as it is the part of the computer that video gamers love. As a great video or GPU card that makes games look savage. I have no idea if I'm using that word correctly, but my son say it and I'm always up to date with how cool people speak. OC Groovy. Far out. Right on, dude. Moving on. Okay. All right, so let's select a CPU here and notice how the green text here. Says No compatibility issues as we select the correct CPU will find out if there's compatibility issues or not. So let's let's click choose a CPU, which means central processing unit. It's the brain of the computer kind of OC. And luckily for us, unlike most computers that you and I all use, daily mining computers do not require much brainpower from the CPU as the GPU does the hard work. So I wanted to find a cheap CPU with decent enough ratings, and I wanted it to have a speed of at least three gigahertz, and anything above three gigahertz has multiple cores. So let's sort by price, lowest to highest, of course. And we're going to go with the AMD a66400k. Right now I'm going to put this here so you can see it. Actually, I'll put it this way here. I'll just lay everything out in the table here for you. OC And this, this processor was great value and I'm amazed at how much prices have come down for CPUs like this. And I chose AMD here. OC Great. Now not all of the components that I select will show up for you if you try this exercise as inventory changes a lot. But this website is great as it will help you understand if the the parts work together per the green compatible message in the top left hand corner of the PC. Pick our website here. OC. All right. Next on our list is the motherboard. And just like how my mom kept our house together and made sure that all of us, my brother and sisters, all of us got along together growing up. The motherboard is the foundation of the rock. It's the foundation of our PC. And a lot of stuff plugs into the motherboard. And so.