Poisson Distribution

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Poisson Distribution

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Hello this is Tovan for us at this stage. And in this video I'm going to explain to you the next kind of discrete distribution that was known distribution. It's a French word that means fish serve a nice example of you Obama inculcating fish. There's my uncle and aunt Everards my inculcates is two big fishes a day. But what is the probability that he catches fish big faces on Saturday. So it's a question used it was Zong distribution. And what is important about when to use that one's only solution you have you have to screen out comb on a continuous time level interval. So actually you could get only one Physidae you could have cuts the face in the beginning of the day. But also you could have cut with face at the end of the day or like in the beginning and in the end. So more or can I really move this fish nice. You could have kids gets a fish gets a face again gets the fish again gets a face again and then he has five fishes maybe is really lucky. And on this day it gets even much more fish. Probably Probably not because he only catches two fish on a day on Everards. So you will also have days that the only catch fish or even zebrafish. But what's important about it is that as soon as he gets a face it's like this getting off this fish doesn't have any influence about catching a fish over here. Like if he would have kids face the possibility of catching a fish at this time would be the same as if he would not have catches the face over there. Now the question is what is the probability that catches fish for example at these moments for the ones on this effusion. There's a little formula which you just need to fill in. There are still numerous the adverts which equals to an X amount of fish actually that it catches for what you want to know the probability in this case it is tree next to it. There's an other thing if you look at the formula over here and it's the. And the E is just a number like probably no. B B equals three point fourteen. So E equals 2.7. What do you have to remember this number. Generally not since most calculators you can just feel and the like you can fill in the bee symbol. So if I want to calculate it I will just show you on this calculator over here. I can just fill in first division sign. Then I press you just present you on my keyboard on your calculator to the power of minus. Move the Everard's evidence is to over a year. So just fill in or to click if you have the member in a calculator remember to click to the right size and at all times the same number again to the power of. So I used to have free press and I fill in the three with that exclamation mark in the math tutorials I showed you before and the scores you can see how to calculate the exclamation mark by hand. In this case it means three times two times one place. That tutorial makes me exercise. It and you know exactly how it works. Answer. And I see the answer would be zero points. One eighth of four that said if I want to calculate the probability that he catches two faces a day like what he does on average I just feel in the same formula I can copy it I can copy it really nice and I just change this way over your x value into two and then press evaluate how we get probability of getting the exit else would be zero points to 7. So it's not a zero point five. It's like most a lower number. You can even catch 100 fish like that probability would be really really really small. There's still there's a possibility if you kids normally two Physidae maybe on the strength is theoretically possible to get 100 fish. Thank you so much for the video in the next video I'm going to give you another example in which you can calculate that yourself. So looking for us to see you in the next video.