What is a Sprint - Step by Step Walkthrough

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What is a Sprint - Step by Step Walkthrough

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Hi and welcome. In this video, I'm going to give you a step by step walkthrough of how a sprint takes place. So this will give you more clarity on what exactly is a sprint. As you may remember, the sprint is an essential component of agile and Scrum. What you see in front of you is the entire Scrum framework. It shows you all the most important aspects of scrum, and at the same time we can also use it to understand how work is done on a sprint. So let us begin. Before the sprint starts. The product owner has already created a prioritized product backlog. This is the document which contains the complete list of all the requirements and features to make the product. When we say prioritized, we mean to say the most important features of the product are listed at the top. The actual sprint would start off with the Sprint planning meeting, which is the first official event of the sprint. In this meeting, you will make the final selection of what exactly are you going to work on in this sprint? Meaning you will decide what are the specific features of the product that you want to develop in this sprint. You would choose the features from the top of the product backlog. So if the product backlog document has 100 features, let's say you will pick five of them from the top to work on in this sprint. You will then put these five features in a document called the Sprint backlog. The sprint backlog is the document which contains the items which you have selected for your sprint. These are the items that the development team will work on and will make them into fully functional product features. As you may remember, we discussed the example of making the messaging application like Skype or WhatsApp. So in this case, you can see that on the left we have the product backlog, which contains the overall list of items and product features. We will choose two items from the product backlog and we will put these into the Sprint backlog, which you can see on the right. Then once the Sprint backlog has been created, the next stage is referred to as development work or activities. This is where the development team will perform the actual work to make the product. In other words, they will be developing the features of the product. So this can include activities such as programming, designing and quality assurance. While you are doing the development work, you will also have the daily scrum meeting in parallel. This is a meeting in which the development team discusses their progress every day. So you're going to discuss things like what are we going to work on today? What problems are we facing currently and what are we going to work on tomorrow? Once you have completed the work, you're going to get the outcome of the sprint. The outcome refers to the finished and completed product features that you developed during this sprint. This is known as the increment. Also, at this point, you're going to have the Sprint review meeting. This is a meeting between the Scrum team as well as the customer and other stakeholders like senior management. So this is where you will show the work that you've done so far and you will also give a product demo to the customer. As a result of the product demo to the customer. You will then receive feedback to see if you're going in the right direction or not. Furthermore, you will also have a discussion in which you will decide on what should be done in the next sprint. At the end of the sprint, you will have the Sprint retrospective meeting. This is an internal meeting involving only the Scrum team in which you will evaluate your own performance and suggest improvements on the way you work for future sprints. After the Sprint retrospective, the current sprint will end and the next sprint will start. So what's important to note here is that there will be no breaks after the Sprint retrospective. You will directly go into the next sprint. And so the entire process that we just discussed will start all over again. All right. Good job. So that was a complete walkthrough for how a sprint takes place. Let's keep going and I'll see you in the next video.