What is Spring Boot Actuator?

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What is Spring Boot Actuator?

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Ready for Production with Spring Boot Actuator

Manage your Spring Boot Applications in Production with Spring Boot Actuator

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Configure Custom Metrics for Spring Boot Actuator
Add Git Checkin information to the information endpoint in Spring Boot Actuator
Create Custom Information Contributors for Spring Boot Actuator
Use the Spring Boot Interactive Shell
Change Logging Levels in a running Spring Boot Application
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OK, so this course is all about spring, but Actuator and you might be wondering what is spring actually? Why do you care? Springwood Actuator is a set of tools provided by the spring team to monitor applications running in production. Now, for a long time, the spring premiere of Tools didn't have anything in your left to roll your own. Now, as we start doing automated deployments, automated monitoring and things like that, information from the application is becoming more and more critical. And some of the stuff is just plain. Nice to have you out sometimes, Dashboard, to see what's going on in your system, like how many orders are coming across, how many messages are coming across Springwood Actuator as a tool. You might be running docker containers, micro services. You need to see if those areas are alive. Right. A health check. So spring is Springwood actuator as a tool for that, you might want to be adjusting like logging properties dynamically on the fly. Again, that's in Springwood actuator. So there's a lot of things that you can do with it. And it's all it's a really a complete toolset for your application while it's running in a production environment. So there's a lot lot of things you can do with it. I really like Springwood, actually, where I use it all the time. Whenever I develop a spring service, whether it's a Web application or a micro service sitting there behind like in the governor's cluster or something. Springwood actually there is a great toolset to use because it does give you a lot of application information, things like when you need it is there. So if you need to get metrics out of the system, do reporting on how many messages came across Springwood actually as the tool to use in this course, we are going to go in and explain what Springwood actually is, what the endpoints are, what is available out of the box. And I'm also going to show you how to customize it for your particular environment so you might have special needs like everything else in spring. There are touch points it where we can extend it pretty easily. So out of the box you get a tremendous amount of functionality in spring. But actually er but it's also very adaptable to your particular needs. So we're going to have a lot of fun in this course, setting up Springwood Actuator and we're going to learn a lot about what it brings to the table when you're running your spring applications in an enterprise application.