A Deciduous tree in full leaf.

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A Deciduous tree in full leaf.

Lecture description

This is a model you can use when it comes to painting deciduous trees (those which lose their leaves in the winter)

I kept it simple using just sap green and raw umber with a touch of paynes grey.


A photo of the finished painting.

A photo of a deciduous tree

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ESSENTIAL Paint TREES in watercolor. Clear videos show you.

Paint trees in watercolor with CONFIDENCE. Clear video demos show you how to paint a variety of trees, common & exotic.

02:47:09 of on-demand video • Updated August 2023

Learn SIMPLE and adaptable methods to paint a variety of trees in watercolour.
Understand how to get the shape and colours to create a BELIEVABLE tree.
Paint both deciduous and coniferous trees, some shrubs and climbers.
Learn to use negative shapes to assist you.
ALSO your watercolour painting CONFIDENCE will come into full leaf.
Learn about mixing GREENS and AUTUMNAL and WINTER colours