Tileset and Level

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Tileset and Level

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In this lecture we're going to make a tileset and we're going to build a level.

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So I made a character for the mock-up so which has had a torso and some pants and else's work no maybe you want to make the chair their fears and pendick house because in general you make a house for a character and not a chart therefore a house and because the problem of making a character before I mean after making the house is that you might have a really big character that cannot enter the door of the house so that was not my mistake and now we should have to rearrange the tile set so we can make a group with everything and start moving some things the house we're going to make those squares in a new layer selecting and selecting both layers and moving around here now we can delete this you can move it one more time that the three let's move it here and the country you now we can crop that I like that and Terry have that I'll set now maybe I can compress this more making some directives having this and then coding like that so now we are going to make some final adjustments so I'm going to duplicate my hold I'll set control Shea and right click Add filter mask and start playing with some colors you so there we go of course you can make individual modifications to each layer with a filter mask you and there we go so I can save these and export the tileset without the background so file export I'll just name it. Let's name it tile ship as a PNG and there we go now we are going to make the level on tile so we are going to click your map with those settings save us in the folder I'm here on tile sets we are going to click new tileset browse we are going to select our tile set ml in map and there we go so now I can start for example with selecting all of these pressing the random button the field option and there we go so I'm going to make this layer as trace and now we are basically going to make some routes and some dirt you so there we have the rose now I'm going to make a new layer for the house going to select house deactivate the random button and paint it there I'm also going to paint the chapter on the house layer there and a new layer for slimes. Green to go back to my my base select this random bottom feel and paint there now we are going to us Laxus chest there we go and now some trees another layer for the trees. [Music] I'm going to make a new layer four degrees below the house like so so as you can see if I paint something with responsi on the same layer its going to delete so that's why I need to make another layer you and they can also make things like this you so I can say going to file export as image and going to the civil draw a grid and I'm going to expertise level as a. PNG expert and there we go