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In this lecture we're going to make a sword.

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So we are going to start making a sword, before that i'm going to manage my palette a little bit better i don't need those colours because i already have them here, so i can select them, press delete Actually I am going to teach you how to make two selections at the same time. So if you have one selection and you press shift and make another selection you are going to have two selections, so you delete them. Now I can move everything here and everything is much more cleaner Now I have two pixels that i need to fix So here and here. fixing the outline, and the same thing here So now we are going to start with the sword so I'm going to select my outline This is going to be in a 45ยบ and i'm going to do something like this, as you can see i've practiced a little bit before starting this and my sword is going to be something like this Now We're going to start from this and this is going to have a point So like this. Now this is not a double If you have this pixel then it's going to look like it's rounded So you need a that pixel There we go. No the handle is too large. So i'm going to do the same thing, one selection, shift and another selection and i'm going just to move this like this, and i'm going to move the point, to the corner again, and add two pixels Now I'm going to make the palette for this So the blade is going to be a little bit similar to the glass. So I'm going to start with a really bright i'm going to go like this That's fine. I'm going to paint the blade of that colour And this part is going to be from gold. So gold is basically an orange No gold get really saturated and dark and more reddish in the shadow, and really bright in the bright part so i'm going to paint My blade and in the top part i'm going to make something like this, in the bottom something like this It's basically a gradient i'm going to make a diagonal that goes like this. This part is going to be less. Less dark, with this colour Now i'm going to paint my handle, this part, this part, where handle connects with the blade i'm going to make it darker and now i'm going to shade my handle and this is going to be like a sphere here. but i want some bounce light from the environment here, so i'm not going to make this darker, i'm going to pick my light colour Now I'm going to make my dark colour more reddish I can make this blade more It can actually take a gold color. The brightest one and replace it in the blade, maybe less saturated I don't need this color. So I have one color less in my palette now i'm just going to add the outline Like this in the outline I'm going to do the same thing. as the point of the blade, i'm not going to do this because it's going to look like it's rounded So I make this to make it look pointy and there we have a blade Now don't worry about our outline not covering the whole shape, it's doesn't really matter You can if you want make it cover the whole shape, but it's going to be more than 16x16px Is your decision really. In my case I'm going to leave it like that. So, now i have to make sure that every color in my palette is the one that i have in my item So i'm going to go like this I can replace the highlight of the potions with the color that i've used in the highlight of the sword So I'm going to color pick the highlight of the sword, i'm going to go to my Similar Color Selection Tool I'm going to click on the highlight in the potion, i'm going to press G So i get the fill tool, Fill entire selection and click inside And there we go. So you can see it's a little bit more yellow but it doesn't make a a big change and it even looks a little bit better. I have saved one color. Now I have it there. I can even three more colours replacing there colours with thes ones so I can click here. Pick this one. with Fill entire selection it's replaced, same thing pick this one just like that, and it looks more colorful and i've saved three colours in my palette So basically for this sword i've just used two colours for the gold part I actually have to make my outline colour there, in my palette.