Banned tool for Hacking WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi

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Banned tool for Hacking WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi

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Students will get the Intermediate knowledge of Kali Linux and not only that you will also be able to crack the passwords of vulnerable WiFi Routers.
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Vaunting This is great for the education to use and to show the various techniques of the violence but in Destin using this information for the Mogadishu's activity and Sandu bandages in this video we have used our own doctor for the demonstration so don't be a fool and act smartly. Hey what is going on guys. My name is on the phone and B Torrijos and I am back with the WTO to do it for you guys. And today I am going to tell you that how you can have the WPA and WPA to buy for outdoors without the Bluebeard's Bixi attack and without brute force attack. So we are going to move to the next tool and that tool is Fluxion tool. So this tool is not installed in the Garling Linux so we have to install this tool explicitly. So for installing that tool you need to clone of the present tree and that depositary is just right. So this link is given in the description area you can visit over this link and after that you need to do is to click on clone or download copy the link and simply open up your domino and then type in here. Good. Clone. So here I am logged in as a road user so I don't need to put the sudo in front of the command already so it will going to take some time since it has to clone around 22 M-B of data. Or as an artist cloning into the Fluxion Datatrieve. All right guys. And now the cloning process has been done and now we will do the LASU. And they can see guys Fluxion that actually has been created now we will go inside this directory. All right so do the LSU and we have got some files over here so we need to run this file. All right so this is the installer doc. As such fine. So it will install the Fluxion into our Linux 2.0 and it'll take some time depending on your internet connection speed. First of all people are going to perform the update upgrade and all these things. So let me just pause my reader till we finished the installation. All right guys so now the Fluxion has been completely installed and they can see Irukandji has been installed err dump. And you'd be at C.P. and all these things you don't need to do anything it just you just need to run that file installer don't etc.. And once you have done that file then you will be able to install all these things together. OK so now what we need to do is we need to do the Alycia and now we will run the Fluxion for the very first time. All right. So how does it gonna work. So first of all then we will run the Fluxion here and it will send the diot indignation back to the target router which we wanted to hack and that target of disconnect all the lines so that we will be able to capture the handshake and once we will be able to get that handshake then we will create a clone of the target. OK. So we will create another IP which will be the clone of the target a b and somebody will try to connect to that clone AP then it will ask the boss. And once that thing will enter the password we will be able to get the password OK. So you might be able to find it very complex but how are we going to do this. Simply run Fluxion file. And no I will tell you that how are you going to work. OK so now it is running the Fluxion for the very first time. OK. Updated successfully restarting the script to apply the changes. All right so now the Fluxion is running for the second time and it's the audio present. But you can find the Fluxion so choose your language first of all. I am going to choose English and my interface is going to be double zero and now it will enable the monitor mode on it going to search all the channels. All right so now are you going to make the search for the routers around us. So these are the routers which are present around us and I am going to target the second router which is the movie so to stop that search you need to press the control together on that window. So now I'm going to enter the one here we are having these attacks either we can brute force this or if we have this router as the WPA then we can do the WPA slot. I am going to choose the very first attack that is fake AP to BT and it is also the recommended attack. So venerable that the one here and now is asking that handshake location. So we dont have the Hennigan. We wanted to find out the handshake file as well. So I hit enter to skip this step and noticing Hensick check. So we will try to capture the Hensick for capturing the Hensick. I would like to capture that with the aircraft. So I will enter the one and now I will be authenticate all the lines connected to the movie router. OK. For that I will enter the one and now you can see guys it is disconnecting all the planes connected to the movie. Let me show you onto the scene as well. And you can see guys and I am not connected to the movie. And whenever I've tried to connect to the movie at all it will not let me do that with a router because it is sending the indications back to the movie. OK so once we will want to press the control See here it will stop sending the indication packets. All right so now my phone will try to connect with the movie router and you can see we have got the W.P. handshake here so we can press the control See here. What I will do is I will press the one to check the handshake and I will choose the one as the web interface and I will choose the one as the English language. OK so now it will create a fake AP and that AP will be off the movie itself and they can see you guys. These are some Udoh Windows has been opened up. And right now my mobile is connected to the movie. OK. It will send the indignation back to the movie. OK so they can see you guys we have got more movies out here. OK. And it will start disconnecting that and we put it out there. Now Ben I will tap on the movie. You can see guys you can see the changes here. Now I am connected to the faith and they can see if there is one line connected with the fake and the name is read me. Ok now it is asking me to enter the password. Now what Inbal think it will go on I think that for some reason it is asking the password of my router. It means my mobile is acting as a victim again. So I will enter that password. You click on something and when I do that you can see your connection will be stored in a few seconds and they going to see you guys. Meanwhile it has captured that password and we have got the password or our screen and you can see it has created a file on the root directory and the file name is movie phosphor dot DXP so we can check out this file as well. So press the Fabia and you can see we have got the password as a double for someone to for the challenge and the number is 11. And the security was WPA do. So this is how we can have the WP and WPA to buy for routers. But the thing is we should be able to capture the handshake fine and here for the demonstration purpose I was using my Android mobile phone as the victim client. And once you have got that handshake then the second step is insured and Ando that password and do the prompt which will appear on the mobile phone. So it will be able to complete those two steps or the victim will be able to enter that password into that password box you will be able to get the password. And this is how we can hack the WPA and WPA routers. But the Fluxion are Dax. So thanks for watching guys. And I hope you guys like this video. And thanks for watching. And don't forget to subscribe.