PRACTICAL: CarTaxi, Raiden, Enjin, DFS vs. EOS & FileCoin ICO

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PRACTICAL: CarTaxi, Raiden, Enjin, DFS vs. EOS &  FileCoin ICO

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Now, let's have a closer look to how those issues are actually going to advertise their token sale instructions on the website. I'm here on the token sales calendar to come and I just randomly picked a few echoes from the ongoing token sales. And one of them is the car taxi rate in that work engine coin DFS. And then we're going to compare it to the EOS, ICAO and the Falcon ICAO, which have been on CoinList now. First go to the car taxi. And when you just open the website, then you will see. On the top, there will be a menu with as token sale, you want to click that menu and. Contribute now and then you say you want to contribute with Ether. And guess what? This is the crowdsale contract address. And if you want to participate now, you just copy this address. You go to your MetaMask plug in. You send you enter this address and you send the amount of ether that you want to send. Now the only last thing that you have to make sure is that you are on the main Ethereum network. That's it. This is how you participate in the car high. Now with the rating network A. It's not much different if you go to the rating website than to the token. Participate, you have to read through the terms and conditions, and I assume you have read and understood everything that we just scroll through your copy address and again, you go back to you, MetaMask, plug in. You put that address in, you say how much ether you want to send and you participate. Guess what? The crowd for the engine coin is a lot different. No, it's not. You are going to. Contribute and you say you want to. This in this amount of ether, you want to send it and copy the address from the crowdsale contract and. Put it into your MetaMask plug in. Set the amount of ether you want to send and your thumb DFS DFS works not much different than the other crowdsale contracts at the very bottom of the site. You find. Here's how the purchase DFC one Ether is 5000 DFS sent Ether to this address. So this is their crowdsale contract. Make sure it's the whole thing. I don't know whether is a space in between. Select the amount, the right gas limit and you are done. You get your device. The only thing which is different is with the EOS IQ, which works a little bit different. Basically, it's the same you're going to find the instructions, you confirm that you are not a U.S. citizen or a Chinese citizen, read and understood all the terms and the white paper, and then you will be brought to this page where there are free steps in order to get your tokens. Step one is you're going to send Ether to the crowdsale contract. Now here's the difference the tokens will not be automatically credited to your account. You have to claim that you have to interact with this crowdsale contract by my ether wallet. We were showing this in the previous section. Just keep in mind, if you are participating in the iOS cycle and it's probably similar to some other ICOs I've seen a couple of times, the actual price per token will be determined by the time that I see or ended. And this means maybe there is a specific amount of tokens reserved per day. And when you know before that as you and that you cannot say how many people actually participate it so you don't know the price yet. So in this case, they will wait until the day is over and then they will let you claim the tokens. So in this case, you cannot immediately see the tokens on the Ether wallet. You have to wait for one day, depending on the instructions. Obviously, for other tokens, it might be different, but for the EOS token, you have to wait until the day is over in order to claim the tokens. Now the last thing that final coin and the final coin was distributed by the platform CoinList and CoinList was actually made in cooperation with Angel List. It was made by the same guys who make the final coin and coin list in cooperation with Angel. List makes sure that only accredited U.S. investors can take part in those coin sales. And there's a new coin sale upcoming, but the last one was the file coin ICO, and we cannot click on details and you can see that. The instructions and so on point is at the end of the instructions, it will tell you that you have to register with CoinList, you have to prove that you are an accredited investor. You have to have a wallet with them. And the file coin is not an easy 20 token. It's a token which grants you certain rights in the future and which gives you the full coin. Once the foul coin network or the default coin prototype or the Filecoin protocol and the blockchain is completed. So it's a completely different token. Nothing to do with a typical U.S. token. Just to keep in mind, there is much more out there than just the typical U.S. 20 token contracts. But if you want to start off and most of the current ICOs are 30 20 token contracts, then you basically have to look for the crowdsale contract. You send Ether there and you get tokens in return.