Who is TJ Walker?

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Who is TJ Walker?

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Storytelling: You Can learn to Tell Stories Effectively

Storytelling - Craft and deliver relevant stories to your audience in order to make your messages memorable

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So for my it why should you take any advice from me. Hi I'm T.J. Walker and I spent my lifetime trying to help other people be better speakers and media communicators for more than 30 years. I've trained executives CEOs politicians presidents prime ministers U.S. senators members of parliament and students and people just like you on how to speak more effectively. Now how did I learn this. Did I just read six Kindle unlimited books yesterday and decided to do a course. No. I have a lot of respect for new young trainers on this platform and others but what I'm doing is grounded on real world experience. I've trained thousands and thousands of people face to face in the classroom in the training room in the TV studio. You're going to get the benefit of my experience. I have work that people at every skill levels I've worked with some of the top speakers in the world professional speakers who want to go from nine point nine to 10. And I've worked with people who walk into the room we put the light and the camera on them and have them speak and they curl up in a ball and start crying. They're that nervous about public speaking and speaking to the media. So I've worked with people at every level. That's the experience you're going to get. Now I do practice what I preach. I didn't just start this business in 2014. Does it seem like online training was hot. I had been training people since 1984. I've given thousands of speeches at venues all over the world. I have appeared on more than 2000 national and international TV and radio network news programs MSNBC FOX CNN BBC you name it. I have been featured as an expert on communication. I've done all the traditional media stuff. I've had a USA Today number one best seller A Wall Street Journal BusinessWeek bestseller I've written more than eight books on communication. Why should you care about all that. It's because I'm someone who has lived to this world. I breathe it eat it sleep it and that's why I'm good at it. You're getting my expertise and it shows in the depth of the content in this course. But it also shows when you ask me a question I can give you a specific answer that really relates to exactly what your concerns are. So again I'm T.J. Walker thanks so much for spending a little time here. I hope that you take the course if you haven't taken it yet. If you're already in it I hope you get a lot out of it.