3 Keys to Growing your Influence as a Spiritual Business

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3 Keys to Growing your Influence as a Spiritual Business

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Become a Master Influencer with Spirituality

Start and Market your Online Spiritual Business - learn how to motivate, inspire and transform your tribe

03:11:55 of on-demand video • Updated January 2021

You will learn how to create your own Spiritual Movement
You will be able to start earning money from your Spiritual Services
You will learn how to Identify your TARGET Audience
You will have a step by step (pdf) blueprint for Finding and marketing your Spiritual Gifts as a niche
You will learn how to price your Services in a Spiritually Ethical Way
You will have the tools to convert people looking for free services into paying clients
You will learn how to Market your Image, Style and "Swag"
You will learn how to create a Service that actually transforms people!
You will have a step by step process for making sales on Facebook Messenger
Go From being Unknown To Having Authority/Fame/Influential
You will learn How to Attract Facebook Page followers
You will learn how to get Reviews on your Facebook Page
You will learn how to create an automated email newsletter for free
You will learn how to Cultivate a Close Knit Community on your Facebook Page
You will have D.I.Y. Website Building lesson
You will create a FREE Facebook Messenger BOT that gives a Enlightening Experience
You will learn how to grow a Spiritual Youtube Channel
You will learn how to grow a Facebook Group
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As you can see in this picture this crowd of people represents the Internet and the little blue person in the middle is you. What we really are going to do in this course is help you stand out big in the crowd to find your space on the Internet. So how do you find your place of billions of people online. You have to find your unique imprint. The strategy that I am using in this course is to find what makes you special and I want you to just look at the word special in the words special is the word space. And that is really what this is all about. It's about finding your own space within your niche. So what also makes you special is knowing your aesthetic overall aesthetic is how do you make people feel with your tone of voice with how you write in your style. And finally what makes you stand out is content online. This is in the form of daily posts blogs videos images and you don't have to do them all but you do have to commit to choosing to be a content creator of some sort. So overall it is. What value do you bring to people online. A lot of people have the misconception that they go online and they make a post that says this is my service and this is my price. And they think that just that alone will get them clients automatically. What you have to become online is a contributor to content and be a creator. When you have all three of these intact and working for you your niche which is where you fit in what makes you unique your aesthetic which is your tone and your flavor and how you make people feel and your content which is being delivered on a consistent basis you will gain the result of having consistent clients loyal clients and high paying clients as well as developing a strong image online as an influencer.