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Facebook Marketing - Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook marketing & Facebook ads: Design, develop & optimize MobileMonkey Facebook Chatbots without writing any code!

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  • Build a customer support chatbot that automatically answers questions and delivers content in a personalized way
  • Develop chatbot drip campaigns that nurture your leads into customers, all within Facebook Messenger
  • Sign up webinar attendees directly in Facebook Messenger using a webinar chatbot
English [Auto] Howdy, Chabert fans, and welcome back. In this lecture, we're going to introduce the concept of Facebook Messenger bots. So what's Facebook Messenger bot marketing messenger bots are automatic conversations that you're having on an individual basis with customers leads and prospects through Facebook Messenger. In fact, this image you're seeing on the right hand side of the slide over here is a bot conversation that was taking place with an individual prospect through Facebook Messenger in one of the bots we built for one of our clients. So the bot says to me, because we were testing, the bot says, Hey, Isaac, I'm Jackie. Looking forward to helping out today in case we get disconnected. Can I get your email? I give them my email. Cool. Thanks. Isaac, would you like me to send you a coupon? Yes, please. And I said great. I send them a gift of Leonardo DiCaprio doing a cheers. And as you could see, this looks like a text message conversation, but it's happening automatically. And at this could be happening with ten thousand prospects at the same given time and each conversation could be programmed to be different. I know this all sounds a little bit crazy and a little bit overwhelming, but we're going to get into all this stuff in a lot, lot more detail. So if messenger marketing is the act of engaging with individual customers through Facebook Messenger, the chat bot is that technology that allows marketers to engage automatically with those customers and at scale. So it's all happening behind the scenes. That doesn't necessarily have to be any human input, although there could be and we'll talk about later on in the course when that should happen and it can happen at scale. It happened with hundreds of thousands, millions of customers all at once. Now, Facebook chat about marketing, it combines elements from many different types of marketing channels like pay per click advertising, like direct mail, like email marketing and more. But it's also very, very different. I like to conceptualize chat bots as like a combination between text messaging and a phone call. You know, when you call into a customer service line, you have to dial one for four directions and then dial three for this store, dial five for the shoe department. All that step is stuff. So that's a boring thing to experience. And with Facebook chat about marketing, it's similar structurally from the back end. It's like branches and more branches and more branches and logic that's going to combine different branches and move people into different flows. But on the front end, it's all looks like natural sound in conversation with your customers. And while that sounds again, while that sounds overwhelming, you'll see as we progress, of course, all the stuff is going to start making a lot more sense. Chat bots are used to both generate new business and to nurture prospects through the buying funnel. Additionally, of course, you use chat bots to engage with current customers, fans and so on and so forth. But brands are now using chat bots with freakishly rapid adoption rates. To get new leads and I'm going to teach you how to set up Facebook Messenger ad campaigns to get leads for dirt dirt cheap, and it's pretty crazy how cheap these leads are coming in, but also to take existing leads and set up drip campaigns and chat blasts and how to nurture in campaigns to get them through the buying funnel quickly without ever having to go to your website. This is a game changer. We're going to talk about why this is such a game changer coming up. So why why Facebook chat bots? Why don't we talk about WhatsApp chat bots or whatever? Like, you know what's so special about Facebook chat bots? Well, Facebook Messenger is is the only major chat platform that even has a chat API which allows developers to build chat bots using code. There is no self-service Facebook bot builder. Program within the Facebook UI, it doesn't exist, Facebook allows developers to create complex jackpots using code. So unfortunately, and this is I, I am in this group, I am not a developer. Ninety nine percent of us and ninety nine percent of digital advertisers who are not developers, I would say ninety nine point nine percent are left Essel without the ability to create Facebook chat bots until Mobile Monkey came around. But we're going to talk about that shortly. So any time. You have the opportunity to engage a customer in a one on one personalized conversation, the chance of you converting that customer increases dramatically. Right. And this just sort of think about that conceptually in an email marketing campaign or if you're even live chatting with someone on a website. If you could and you compare those two, right, if you could engage the person with exactly the answers to the questions that they have, how much like how much more likely are you to convert them than if they just came to a landing page or you sent them out a generic email marketing campaign? And that's another reason why Facebook chat about marketing is so incredibly powerful. This is also relatively new. Facebook only released the API for Chappe Marketing back in November of twenty sixteen. It was purely manual before that you had to individually chat with every single customer. And we see this still happening today. When you go to a and there's still a place for actual live chat. I'm not saying that that this is the only way to engage with customers. It's not. But it's one of the most powerful. But the only way to engage through chat was manually chatting with customers. And that was no good for a lot of reasons. So now that you're understanding, I guess, what Facebook chat bots are, where are these conversations taking place? Very straightforward. They take place in Facebook Messenger. Right. Most of you are familiar with the Facebook Messenger app. If you're not, stop the course. Pause the video, download Facebook Messenger. Right. It's very important for you to have it. You need to understand the context, the setting. You need to understand where these where these conversations are going to take place. So they take place within Facebook Messenger. That could be on any device. It could be mobile desktop. But but by far. By far, I would say I think like seventy five around percent of Facebook messenger conversations are taking place on a Facebook Messenger app on mobile, not necessarily on desktop. Also, you can embed Facebook chat box on your website. So you go to your website. And, you know, if you you guys have all seen this in the bottom right hand corner, there's a little chat icon that could pop up and chat with customer service and usually have to wait like forty five minutes for them to get back to you. And then the next day they say, oh, sorry, no one's here to help you. So the whatever you build with mobile monkey, the chat box you build, which is that what we just discussed, that automated complex back and forth discussion, personalize, all done with software that you're going to create, could also be embedded on any website. So where does Mobile Monkey come into the picture? What you're seeing here is a screenshot of the mobile monkey builder. We're going to go into that in incredible detail, painstaking detail in and future lectures. But Mobile Monkey is the world's most powerful visual boatbuilder for Facebook Messenger. It blows away the competition, the the level of thoroughness and the level of sophistication that you could build bots with through mobile monkey is absolutely incredible. It's going to be incredibly exciting when I show you actual chat box that we're building and are currently running as I speak in this back office of Adventure Media, there's hundreds of conversations taking place with my clients customers through bots that we built through mobile monkey. And like we have like personas like Jackie and and Tim that are literally selling things through Facebook about marketing right now. While I'm teaching this course, it's wild. It's like it's not normal. And the monkey is the software that allows you to do that. And it is the software to use, again, building blocks without code. You don't have to know a single line of code. You don't need to know anything. I'm going to teach you how to use this stuff and how to build them, how to build really complex and interesting bots for your business. You use mobile banking to collect new leads to generate new leads for your business through launching Facebook Messenger ad campaigns, through Facebook message guards', through RSS blasts, through chat blasts, through drip campaigns. All those things we're going to talk about in detail. And we're going to talk about all those things in a lot more detail in a future lecture. Larry Kim, the founder of Mobile Monkey, was kind enough to offer all the students of this course an incredibly steep discount on the premium version of Mobile Monkey. Now, just wait a second. You can sign up for Mobile Monkey for free. We all are going to sign up to Mobile Monkey for free. You can be able to build bots, follow along with me without spending any money. There is a premium version with premium features and I think it's like normally forty five or forty nine dollars a month. And with the coupon code that's going to be in the description here, Larry, is giving the students of this course full access for like four dollars a month or something like that. It's like it's going to be a ninety two, ninety three percent discount. It's going to be really, really well worth everyone's while to do that. So the description and the details of that coupon code will be down below. So now you have a pretty good understanding of the idea of chat bots, the idea of messenger marketing. The very next lecture we're going to talk about how powerful this is really going to be for you and the size and the breadth of what we're even dealing with here. So I look forward to seeing you in a couple seconds or a couple of minutes or whatever, maybe in the very next lecture.