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English [Auto] Hi there. And welcome up this lecture as I promised you through this section. I'm going to show you how to design your Facebook ads photos using several online tools and several free software. We have already seen how to design your photos using PowerPoint and now in this lecture. I'm going to show you how to design your photo using this awesome online tool. It's called photocopy this online tool allows you to save your files on your P.C.. So if you design a photo using this online tool you can simply save the file on UPC and exit at sometime later. So if you want to change your photo if you are doing split testing if you change your mind if you decided that you can modify your design in a better way you can always get back to the original file. You can always open it and this online tool and you can always modify it. This online tool has several options that are common with Photoshop and it offers really everything you need in order to design awesome photos. So I recommend you to use it. It's a little bit more complicated than PowerPoint but I'm going to show you how to use it. So we are going to start by starting a new project. You can choose any of these templates but I'm not going to do that because I'm going to design my photo from scratch. Here you choose your project name. I'm going to call it Facebook ads. And here you choose your photo size. So we have we are designing a photo with this size. I'm going to include this in here and here we can show the background of your photo. I'm going to choose transparent. And I'm going to click on Create. So I have created my image. I don't have a background and now I'm going to start designing my Facebook ad photo. I'm going to access my download file and I'm going to check my apple beta photos. This is what I'm going to use. I simply drag it in here so when I drag my filter in here a new layer was created this layer. We have the photo of the app in view. If you are familiar a little bit with Photoshop this online tool works in a very similar way to Photoshop. So now after uploading my photo I will remove the background of my apple beta. So I'm going to select that the layer I'm working on and I'm going in here to layer. I'm going to click on yesterday's. So now I can go to this tool in here and choose this option and I'm going to click like this and I'm going to click delete. So see I have removed my background. Now I want to remove the background from the inside. I'm going to click like this like this like this. So if you want to remove something like this you can go in here and choose quick selection like this. I'm going to delete it this way you can delete things faster so here you go select and you click on this a leg so you don't select anything. So here we have our Apple peeler. Without that background I'm going to move it to the side. You click in here and you simply move it. If you don't see these points that allows you to skip your photo you just have to check this box in here. And they will appear. OK. So now I have my apathy here. Without that background I want to design a different photo. In this lecture than the one I designed in the previous one. So I'm going to add a different background for my for my photo. I'm going also to download it here. I have already downloaded a background from pixel Bay. I have chose this one. I'm going to edit so if I want to move it to the back I have to just grind the Slayer. Now in here. So here is my layer and I will scale it to fit in my within my dimensions. So here I have my AP peeler and I have this diagram. See that is still something that should be removed from here. I'm going to select the layer of the appeal if I'm going in here. I'm going to choose a quick selection I should be in here. You can always hide this layer until you've finished working I guess. This is fine. I'm going to. OK. This is great. I'm going to select and select. So now I have my apple peeler and my background. I want to add an overlay over my background. I select the layer of my background. I go in here to effect as I click on color overlay. I'm going to choose a black overlay and I'm going to change transparency in here. You can't change it as you like. I'm going to pick this one. Maybe I'll keep it more awesome. So now I want I have my background with an overlay over it. I know I want to add a glow to my epic period. I'm going to select the layer I'm going to layer. I'm going to layer style and I'm going to color to outer glow. So. Okay. So in here we can change that. Everything related to that glow. These options are not all available in PowerPoint. That's why this online tool is a little bit more professional than ballpoint point because it allows you to do many and several things that PowerPoint can do. So in here you can change the opacity. You can change the noise. I like to make the spread a little bit bigger and the size a little bit bigger not that much you can change the size manually like this for example. Well I guess this is awesome. We can also add the glitters like this. Well this is awesome. And you can also change these options if you want. All is fine. Now I'm going to click on OK. And here is my app. Peter what else could I do. No I won't. At a different also photo in here to make it more attractive. So I'm going to my download I'm going to add the photo of these apples. OK. I just back the photo in here and this and photo big V8. I lay it for this new photo. I'm going to remove delete that bag get out of this photo. So they have to select that. I have to go to lay to rest their eyes. Don't forget to do that if you don't do that you can't remove the background. So I'm going to click in here. I'm going to make this quick selection. I'm going to this option I'm clicking like this. And here I have removed my background. I need also to remove these from here. So I'm going to select everything I'm going to move it like this. I'm going to minimize its size and I'm going to maybe make it a little bit larger. And I'm going to go OK I'm going to add I glow for it. So layered so layer layer style after blow. And this is the same glow. I will make it a little bit larger like this. Maybe I will move it in here and I will move my apple Peeler to the side so this looks fine. I'm going to make this a little bit bigger. Well I love it now I still have to add some text in here so I will do this. I will add a rectangle in here. I will change the color of this box from here. I will change. I will change maybe to orange. I will try. Yeah this is Orange. Maybe no. Let me try it. Another color so now I'm going to add a tax in here. Free shipping as I told you in the previous lecture you can add saying 50 percent saying you can add free shipping or anything that you think can be attractive. Anything that can push you the viewers into buying and into checking your link and checking your product. So I'm going to click here on tax and I'm going to do this and I'm going to write free shipping so I'm going to change the color and the font and everything I'm going to select all of it like this. And I'm going to choose a color white. I can also change the size to 70 for example so now we can modify everything related to this text. You can change the color you can change the font you can do whatever you think is better. And after finishing all of this you can go in here to file and you can click on Save As BSD. So this way you will be saving the original file of your photo. So if someday you want to. Eddie Eddie edit or you want to change anything about that you can simply access. You can simply open it from your P.C.. So I'm going to save this. I'm going to save it so I have saved my photo. I has I have saved the original file if I want to reopen it again go in here I click file open and I can choose it in here. This is it. I can't touch it choose it from my computer. And here it is with all the layers and everything. So this is awesome because it allows you to save your work. And it allows you to modify it over time. So if you want to render now this for the user directly on Facebook you go in here to file and you go to export as and you choose any of the of the format you need. You can choose GP G and we have chosen you can make that resolution the highest possible if you want and you click on save. And now it will be saved. So in this lecture we have learned how to use photocopy to design our Facebook as photo as I told you before. Pick any tool you want because that tool you find yourself more familiar with. I love photography and I love both point both of them are great. Although with photo op you might be you might have more options and you can modify your photo a little bit more than with PowerPoint. So stay tuned with me and let's meet in the next lecture where I show you how to design your photo with another online free to it. So stay tuned.