Introduction to Gantt chart Dashboard with Pivot table

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Pivot table Basics for Gantt chart Dashboard

Lecture description

After completing the lecture you will be able to do -

  • How to use Pivot table to Prepare a Gantt chart or Bar chart?

  • How to insert a Table?

  • How to insert a Pivot Table?

  • Understand Essential Elements of a Pivot table.

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Master Gantt Charts in Excel: A Comprehensive Guide

A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Gantt Charts, Timeline Charts, and Pivot Charts in Excel for Efficient Project.

02:20:21 of on-demand video • Updated June 2022

Understand Excel Charts: Students will gain a solid understanding of Excel charts and the chart elements needed to create a Gantt chart.
Create Gantt Charts: Students will learn how to create their first Gantt chart in minutes, and will understand how to adjust the timescale units.
Create Dynamic Milestones and Events Charts: Students will learn how to create dynamic milestones charts for critical activities using a combination of charts.
Understand Variance Reporting: Students will learn how to create a stunning variance report showing visual planned vs actual completion of the project.
Create a Gantt Chart Dashboard: Students will learn how to create a dynamic Excel Gantt chart dashboard.
Project Tracking: Students will learn how to build an interface similar to Microsoft Project for project tracking, including creating a baseline bar and actual