Introduction to Crystal Reiki

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Introduction to Crystal Reiki

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You will learn how Crystal Reiki sets itself apart from Traditional Reiki as well as general crystal healing.

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You will learn how Crystal Reiki sets itself apart from Traditional Reiki as well as general crystal healing.
You will explore how crystals are formed and how those factors influence the energetic properties of the crystal.
You will learn how crystals have been used for healing since the dawn of ancient civilization.
In this activity you will determine what aspects of your body and life you would like Crystal Reiki to help you with.
You will learn how the different classes of crystal structures​ have similar metaphysical properties and how you can use crystals within each class.
You will learn how you can choose the most suitable crystals for your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will familiarize yourself with crystals that contain toxic elements and how they can be handled.
You will learn about how the color of a crystal can be related to its uses in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will know how you can cleanse your crystals and which methods to avoid using with specific crystals.
You will explore various ways to store your crystals to ensure they remain in pristine condition.
You will learn various ways to charge your crystals.
You will learn about the benefits of programming your crystals and how to do so.
You will learn about the importance of client relations and how you need to refrain from diagnosing and prescribing in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will explore ways you can prepare for your Crystal Reiki session including how you select and place your crystals.
You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki self-treatments.
You will learn how to perform a Crystal Reiki session with others.
You will learn how to incorporate crystals into your Reiki Principles meditation.
You will learn about the eight sacred Crystal Reiki symbols and the properties they are associated with. You will learn how the Crystal Reiki symbols can be used as a foundation for your crystal layouts in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will learn how to construct a Crystal Reiki grid for your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will learn how to select crystals for your Crystal Reiki grids.
You will learn about additional elements you can add to your Crystal Reiki grids.
You will explore various considerations of teaching Crystal Reiki as well as review a sample course outline.
You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki attunements.
You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki sessions with a focus on the chakras as placements for your crystals when working with various intentions.
You will learn how to assess the energy in your home and how to use Crystal Reiki to address any energetic imbalances.
You will learn ways you can perform Crystal Reiki with animals.
You will learn about crystals you can use in your Crystal Reiki sessions to enhance feelings of safety and peace.
You will explore various Crystal Reiki grids you can use when working with specific intentions and imbalances.
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Crystal Reiki Masters certification introduction to Crystal Reiki up until this point Reiki Masters have informally combined the use of Reiki and crystals integrating their own personal experiences with crystals and including them in their sessions. With this certification you'll have a structured way to teach others how to perform and tune others to the master level within the system of crystal Reiki. This is exciting because as the number of crystal Reiki practitioners and masters grow around the world so will the profound effects felt as a result of tapping into these powerful frequencies. You may be wondering how is this different from using crystals without Reiki and vice versa. Crystal Reiki combines the intentions inherent in the properties of crystals and the energy of reiki the universal life force to create powerful and refined energetic conduits. You can use to help yourself and others balance on all levels. The traditional system of Reiki is extremely powerful and effective and I am honored to teach it and include it in my life each day. Reiki energy will be working within this course is the same energy but you will be releasing any conditioning you've had around the possibilities of working with the universal life force. I encounter Masters today who are still unsure of the ability of Reiki energy to be transmitted across time and space through sessions and attunements. We are all working with the same energy but their practice is limited by their false assumptions about Reiki energy. In this course we will take things to a higher level through science so that you can ensure your using Reiki energy without any limiting beliefs that are constraining your efforts. Just as we now understand the classical atomic model no longer applies at the most fundamental level of matter. We are moving towards accepting that our reality exists in a state of flux where what our limited perception perceives as a constant is actually blinking in and out of existence according to our presence as the observer. What we had always assumed was solid fixed matter is actually ninety nine point nine nine nine nine percent energy was zero point zero zero zero zero zero one percent matter. In that quantum reality everything exists as waves of probability that we collapse into reality with our awareness so while on a quantum level does matter behave differently than on a larger scale. Why do we have constants such as gravity when an electron does not adhere to any linear model as a collective society we've agreed upon a set of rules and guidelines in an attempt to maintain order and some amount of control. These rules and guidelines adhered to by so many observers create a consensus reality that the world on a large scale adheres to an interesting study in July of 2000 was conducted by Leonard Libelle Vicci. This study was double blind meaning the participants and researchers were not aware of the specific individuals that were receiving treatment in comparison to those who were not and it consisted of three thousand three hundred ninety three hospital patients that were suffering from an infection known as sepsis. Leibovitch split the patients into two groups one that were recipients of prayer from a distance and the control group who received no intervention. The results that were measured included the length of fever hospital stay and death as a result of the infection. Because of your previous work with Reiki it will come as no surprise that the group that received prayer from a distance experienced significantly shorter times with fever and hospitalization and the mortality rate within the Prayed for group was less although not considered scientifically significant. What is interesting to note is that the individuals in the year 2000 who are conducting the prayers were praying for patients who had been hospitalized from the years 1990 to 1996. The patients four to ten years earlier received significant benefits from prayers that were conducted after their illness. In the future our intentions impact not only our present and future but the past as well. The key to note here is that although it appears that the rules of the game are set we have the ability to circumvent them as we release. Our world is flat mentality and open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities that are waiting for us. Everything becomes possible the information in this course resonates a higher frequency. And you've been drawn to work with it for a reason. In turn you will attract those who are also ready to work with crystal Reiki to help them through their bodies minds and lives. Please remember to check the resources section of each lecture for additional information. Our work as a collective is important and I'm so excited for us to get started.