How including crystals can enhance your Reiki practice

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How including crystals can enhance your Reiki practice

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Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

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You will learn how Crystal Reiki sets itself apart from Traditional Reiki as well as general crystal healing.
You will explore how crystals are formed and how those factors influence the energetic properties of the crystal.
You will learn how crystals have been used for healing since the dawn of ancient civilization.
In this activity you will determine what aspects of your body and life you would like Crystal Reiki to help you with.
You will learn how the different classes of crystal structures​ have similar metaphysical properties and how you can use crystals within each class.
You will learn how you can choose the most suitable crystals for your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will familiarize yourself with crystals that contain toxic elements and how they can be handled.
You will learn about how the color of a crystal can be related to its uses in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will know how you can cleanse your crystals and which methods to avoid using with specific crystals.
You will explore various ways to store your crystals to ensure they remain in pristine condition.
You will learn various ways to charge your crystals.
You will learn about the benefits of programming your crystals and how to do so.
You will learn about the importance of client relations and how you need to refrain from diagnosing and prescribing in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will explore ways you can prepare for your Crystal Reiki session including how you select and place your crystals.
You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki self-treatments.
You will learn how to perform a Crystal Reiki session with others.
You will learn how to incorporate crystals into your Reiki Principles meditation.
You will learn about the eight sacred Crystal Reiki symbols and the properties they are associated with. You will learn how the Crystal Reiki symbols can be used as a foundation for your crystal layouts in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will learn how to construct a Crystal Reiki grid for your Crystal Reiki sessions.
You will learn how to select crystals for your Crystal Reiki grids.
You will learn about additional elements you can add to your Crystal Reiki grids.
You will explore various considerations of teaching Crystal Reiki as well as review a sample course outline.
You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki attunements.
You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki sessions with a focus on the chakras as placements for your crystals when working with various intentions.
You will learn how to assess the energy in your home and how to use Crystal Reiki to address any energetic imbalances.
You will learn ways you can perform Crystal Reiki with animals.
You will learn about crystals you can use in your Crystal Reiki sessions to enhance feelings of safety and peace.
You will explore various Crystal Reiki grids you can use when working with specific intentions and imbalances.
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Crystal Reiki Master certification benefits of crystal Reiki Reiki is a standalone modality is extremely effective even without the use of crystals. It is likely though that you've been drawn to Crystal Reiki because you are ready to add the unique energy it provides to your work. Performing Crystal Reiki sessions can help you to focus on specific conditions that clients are eager to have addressed. Not all of your Reiki sessions have to include crystals and you may find when working with the client initially that you choose to perform traditional Reiki sessions as the clients healing progresses you and they may want to hone in on the specific issues they're concerned with. Crystal Reiki can provide that focus. In other cases you may find that a single condition is so pervasive in the client's overall sense of well-being that it needs to be addressed first before balancing on a widespread level. In these cases you can begin with crystal Reiki sessions and then use traditional sessions as you feel called to clients who are not in tune with their energy or the frequencies around them may have a difficult time perceiving energy in a traditional Reiki session. Crystals are tangible forms of energy although there are beautiful objects that we can hold. They also hold powerful energetic vibrations that can be sensed using crystals can help clients tune into the energetic level which in turn can reassure them that shifts are happening. This restraint is what helps them to make the conscious choice to return for more sessions and healing. Although in your traditional Reiki sessions you're using your intuition to guide you as you move from position to position and receive information from the recipient body mind in Crystal Reiki. Your play ground has much more for you to explore. You will use your intuition to help you choose the crystals as well as the special EOE they will be placed in during the session you can tune into each crystal for information it may have as well as the combined energies of the crystals as Reiki flows through them. In your traditional Reiki sessions you likely included grounding techniques for yourself and your recipient. At the end end or beginning of your sessions crystals naturally provide that energy so your sessions will be infused with the higher frequency energy of Reiki as well as the centering energy of the earth. You may also find working with crystals in your distance Reiki practice very helpful in place of performing a traditional Reiki distance session. You can create a Greek Crystal grid connected to the recipient and their needs and allow it to draw in Reiki energy each day with the foundation of traditional Reiki with you. You can use Crystal Reiki to take your practice to exciting and wondrous new levels.