Guide to Character Development and Psychology

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Character Development and Psychology

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This lesson talks about the how to develop the psychology for your characters

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Character development and psychology. Hi this is Mark the one on dot com. And in this lesson we will learn about characters psychology. OK let's get started. A character has to be believable even if it's Sekar tune. You need the audience to believe that the character is alive. It has to need to get something to achieve this you need to work on. Probably one of the most important elements of your character your characters personality. You can check a short video from Sydney who talks about personality in the fifth episode of The Art of character animation. You can find that BDO in the training center off our Web site 2D animation one on that come. Now if you want to really get it done hang on the following lessons. Golden knowledge is coming your way. Let's talk about character for us anality. In the 1930s while DNA discovered that characters with no personality were boring they had nothing interesting to offer to the audience. Okay so far we got boring characters and nothing interesting. OK those are good news. Want to hear the bad news. We live in the 21st century and many animators are still doing animation with characters who have no personality. Even after all the efforts and secrets that walde and his team uncovered. But Lucky you. I have compiled all of my research notes and created a process so to have interesting characters we need to give them personality and for that you just have to answer the basic question. The most important question of all what does your character want to get or achieve. That very basic question will get things going in your character development. Now for those of you who want to really stand out and create memorable characters Let's dig even deeper ones you know what your character wants to get. You can give her a way to get it. How with a set of personality traits according to a theory by Briggs Meyers. There are 16 personality types but we will keep it simple and just the Terman four basic areas of personality so we can define our character quickly. Just answer for questions and your character will have a very strong personality. Ready. OK lets give your character's personality some. The first question how is your character energized is he or she extroverted or introverted. This one refers to the way your character gets energized. Does he or she like to interact with other people or prefers to be by himself or herself. For example if your character is an inventor you could have her via an introvert because she likes to be solving math problems and formulas by herself in her lap. No interruptions please. But if she was an explorer and liked to travel around the world then she would be an extrovert. She would enjoy meeting different people with different cultures. Deciding if your character is an introvert or extrovert can give you a clue of her hobbies interests or regular activities and also give you a very strong foundation on how your character interacts with other characters. Great. You now have one area of his or her personality. Nice. That's it for this lesson. Now that we covered the first basic area the first question of personality traits Let's move to the next lesson in which we will check. The second question which covers the things that your character naturally pays attention to. See you there.