What is a Task in Azure DevOps

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Learn Azure DevOps CI/CD pipelines

Create CI/CD pipelines for Java, .NET, NodeJs, Docker, Terraform, Nuget, Xamarin, SQL Server and ARM templates

09:32:34 of on-demand video • Updated June 2021

  • What is DevOps and CI/CD
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines for Web, Mobile and Container apps
  • Including the Database into the pipelines
  • Configure deployment to Azure Cloud
  • Run unit, functional and load tests as part of the pipeline
  • Analyse source code using Sonar
  • Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) from CI/CD with ARM templates
  • Use Configuration as Code (CaC) in Azure DevOps
  • Create Dev-Test-Prod environments
  • Secure the pipelines sensitive data
  • Use Infrastructure as Code (IaC) from CI/CD with Terraform
English [Auto] Let us learn what is it ask. In Asia develops CIA NCD pipelines are a group of different tasks that perform different operations. This could be running DMD commands running power shared scripts copying files and publishing them and styling software and many more. We can get the list of those tasks. If I click here on the ad icon from here I can I get different tasks and all those tasks are actually available from the Asia pipelines. So if I go to a market place the Visual Studio that com and then select as a road of ups from here I can get all those tasks that I can install in my Asia dev ops account. Those tasks could integrate with uh I W S for example for Amazon Web Services. I could also integrate with Jenkins Google Play Cordova for mobile development radio role for database integration data for and many more. Most of those tasks are available as open source projects. So if I go to to get up to this GitHub repository from here I can find the tasks that I created by Microsoft itself and it made them available as open source project. And from this project. Now I go to tasks I'll be able to see the different tasks we see here. The task for App Center for example the Asia is the ally and many more and here I find the one for dot net Gore. If I click on it then I'll be able to see the task related to the net core. And here is the system. These files those are using typescript. Those tasks actually are implemented using a typescript and no GST. And here if I go to one of them let's go to the uh the net core the tears. For example from here I can see the implementation for this task. So here we have the method execute that will try to run the different out dot net build publish or run commands or test restore back push and so on and for each of those as tasks we have the action related to it. So for the net run for example we will go and execute the basic command which is defined it somewhere right here so from here we can take a look at the implementation of the task to understand what it is really doing under the hood. And of course you can create your own extension and publish it and to the Azure marketplace.