The Golden Ratio in Logo Design

Daniel Evans
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Published, Award Winning Logo Designer. 21 Years Experience
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A look into famous logo designs and how they adopt the principle of the Golden Ratio.

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08:47:09 of on-demand video • Updated November 2021

  • Analysis of the all important Fibonacci Sequence
  • Discover the Principle of the famous Golden Ratio rule
  • Gain wisdom into the Golden Ratio, it's existence in the world & its use
  • How to design an awesome logo utilising the Golden Ratio
  • Learn Isometric Gridding Techniques to develop stunning symbols
  • Discover Square Gridding Techniques to create high quality symbols
  • How to review and compile a Comprehensive Logo Design Questionnaire
  • Discover all in-depth stages of planning in Professional Logo Design
  • Learn how to compose a Logo Design Portfolio like a professional
  • Learn how, where and why to buy premium fonts & preview them in-project
  • Learn how to adjust type to make meaningful forms
  • Learn how to colour effectively with palettes and resources
  • Discover how to batch export all logo design formats
  • Discover how to set up and arrange content on multiple artboards for presentation & workflow
  • Learn the almighty Geshtalt Principles and how they pertain to logo design
  • Discover how to sell your unused logo designs for maximum profit
  • Discover how to enter your logo design into Award Competitions
  • Discover how to submit your logos to get Published in Books!
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