The Golden Ratio in Logo Design

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The Golden Ratio in Logo Design

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A look into famous logo designs and how they adopt the principle of the Golden Ratio.

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Analysis of the all important Fibonacci Sequence
Discover the Principle of the famous Golden Ratio rule
Gain wisdom into the Golden Ratio, it's existence in the world & its use
How to design an awesome logo utilising the Golden Ratio
Learn Isometric Gridding Techniques to develop stunning symbols
Discover Square Gridding Techniques to create high quality symbols
How to review and compile a Comprehensive Logo Design Questionnaire
Discover all in-depth stages of planning in Professional Logo Design
Learn how to compose a Logo Design Portfolio like a professional
Learn how, where and why to buy premium fonts & preview them in-project
Learn how to adjust type to make meaningful forms
Learn how to colour effectively with palettes and resources
Discover how to batch export all logo design formats
Discover how to set up and arrange content on multiple artboards for presentation & workflow
Learn the almighty Geshtalt Principles and how they pertain to logo design
Discover how to sell your unused logo designs for maximum profit
Discover how to enter your logo design into Award Competitions
Discover how to submit your logos to get Published in Books!