Network Marketing Mastery
4.9 (49 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
204 students enrolled
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Network Marketing Mastery

Learn the secrets of successful network marketing from a million dollar earner.
4.9 (49 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
204 students enrolled
Created by Kelly Reese
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Rapidly build a solid foundation for their business that will support long-term walk-away income.
  • Find an unlimited number of "free" prospects using proprietary methods that could be easily performed by a 10 year old.
  • Use our provided scripts, that use "optimistic curiosity", to compel their prospects to watch their opportunity presentation.
  • Use our " $100,000 3-Step Close" to convert a substantial number of their prospects into team mates
  • Use our "Pass the Ball" technique to allow them to spend time only with their most productive team mates. This avoids frustration and saves a lot of valuable time.
  • Lead a team successfully as a result of having developed excellent mental toughness and leadership skills.
  • Make the jump from amateur to professional Network Marketer, in order to enjoy higher income; extra benefits and the recognition they deserve.
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  • There is no prior business experience required to benefit from Network Marketing Mastery. Easy access to a computer and the Internet plus basic computer skills are required.

My name is Kelly Reese, a Chartered Financial Consultant, with more than 40 years of Network Marketing experience. A “Million Dollar Earner”, I have won the Top Team Builder Award and the Top Income Earner Award multiple times - and I'm looking forward to teaching you this course.

Have you considered the fact that, for more than 60 years, Network Marketing has proven to be the most powerful business model in history? Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than all other business models, because it is the ONLY business model that opens the entrepreneurial door to the masses.

If the next five years look like your last five years will you be measurably closer to achieving financial liberty? If not, I know of nothing, short of winning the lottery, that can speed up your financial freedom date like owning a successful Network Marketing business, as an independent distributor.

Network Marketing is the only industry where an individual, man or woman, has a chance to earn a professional level income while competing against mostly untrained and ill-prepared amateurs. In other industries you must compete against the best of the best to have any chance of significant income.

What are you going to get from this course?

  • You WILL be able to rapidly build a solid foundation for your business that will support long-term walk-away income.
  • You WILL discover how to find an unlimited number of "free" prospects using my proprietary methods that could be easily performed by a 10 year old.
  • By using my proven scripts, that use "optimistic curiosity", you WILL be able to compel a many of your prospects to watch your opportunity presentation.
  • You WILL be able to use my " $100,000 3-Step Close" to convert a substantial number of your prospects into team mates
  • By using my simple "Pass the ball" technique, you WILL be able to focus your attention only on your active team mates, without upsetting those who are inactive.
  • You WILL be able to lead a team successfully, as a result of having developed excellent mental toughness and leadership skills in "The Mind Game" section of the course.
  • You WILL make the jump from amateur to professional Network Marketer by using the techniques and tools of professionals.
  • You WILL enjoy higher income; more benefits and the recognition you will richly deserve.

Take this course Now!

I have experienced the wonderful feeling of going on vacation, knowing that my income will be growing while I am gone. That is the beauty of “passive income”.

I am very excited to share my proven tactics and methods with you and to guide you on the path to success in Network Marketing!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course if for those who have a passionate desire to improve their financial future.
  • This course is NOT for the lazy, the irresponsible or the dishonest.
  • This course is ideal for all the frustrated network marketers who love the industry, but just haven't been able to excel, yet.
  • This course is NOT for those who have a get rich quick mindset.
  • This course is also well-suited for highly-compensated professionals and small business owners who need an exit strategy to escape the rat race.
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Curriculum For This Course
42 Lectures
The Magic of Simple
6 Lectures 44:26

The Course Introduction Lecture is intended to provide credible evidence that any normal everyday man or woman can succeed in Network Marketing. The facts are overwhelming, if you practice the principles taught in Network Marketing Mastery.

Preview 09:58

In this lecture Kelly shares his education, his extensive experiences and rare accomplishments. The purpose is to provide confidence to each student that this course can truly help them achieve their goals. It also helps that Kelly is a highly-successful active network marketer - TODAY.

Preview 03:19

This lecture provides an outline of the course, by individual Section. In addition, Kelly explains purpose behind various Sections and how they flow together for the purpose of transforming each student into a professional Network Marketer.

Preview 12:21

The life blood of every business, whether big or small is "marketing power". This lecture demonstrates why and how you can acquire a tremendous amount of marketing power for your networking business, for free.

Marketing Power

This Lecture unlocks access to substantial marketing power for everyone, without ever having to train to be an effective salesperson.

Breaking the Power Code

The world of Network Marketing is dominated by amateurs. In this Lecture you will learn how easy it is to stand out like a professional in this very amateurish industry and why the potential exceptional earnings for conducting yourself like a pro make turning pro an easy decision to make.

Turning Pro
How to Think Like a Pro
7 Lectures 52:41

This Lecture is the introduction to the How to Think Like a Pro Section of the course. One of the most obvious differences between the highly successful professional, compared to everyone else is that professionals are wiser. Wisdom is not intelligence. It is about being practical, reasonable and using common sense. In short, professionals are strong enough mentally to believe "they can" and others are convinced "they can't. This Section will teach you how to think wisely, like a pro.

Preview 04:57

This Lecture establishes "why" your attitude, good or bad, will set the limit on your success.

Your Attitude is the Only LImit on Your Altitude

This vitally important Lecture teaches you how to tap into the single most powerful marketing technique known to man. The most exciting aspect of Viral Marketing is that when you are prepared, then it is automatic.

Viral Marketing

The Lost Dog story illustrates why we do NOT need to be good salespeople to succeed in network marketing.

The Lost Dog

This Lecture is a "call to arms". You will be challenged to be totally honest with yourself about both your strengths and your weaknesses. To do so, will allow you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Look in the Mirror

This exciting Lecture shows you how to become a person of "mass production". It is simple science, and guaranteed to be within your reach, IF you will apply what I teach you.

Get in the Zone

This Lecture is a fun and humorous story about three animals that demonstrate you don't need to try to become something you are not. Instead, you just need to be yourself.

Two Raccoons and an Otter
How to Find Unlimited Prospects
7 Lectures 49:55

This Lecture is the Introduction to Section 3 of the Course, which is How to Find Unlimited Prospects. The number one problem faced by network marketers is they only have a handful of prospects.


Your Personal Market is the title of this Lecture. Here you will learn about creating and effective list of prospects from folks you know. You'll be surprised to discover your Personal Market list is much larger than you might think.

Your Personal Market

This Lecture teaches you a very simple, yet powerful way to market within your Local Market. Your Local Market is where ever you happen to be at the moment. It could be on a cruise ship. Or, sitting in your Dentist's waiting room. Or, paying for movie tickets. Or, paying the cashier at a grocery store.

Your Local Market

Your Target Market will be, by far, your largest market. This Lecture identifies a variety of target markets for you to choose from, so you can create a list of prospects within that chosen market.

Your Target Market

Your Natural Market is a possible Target Market. This Lecture illustrates that the difference between other Target Markets and Your Natural Market is you would fit the description of those in your Natural Market. If you have a clearly identifiable Natural Market, it will be your most powerful market.

Your Natural Market

This Lecture is about finding prospects within your Social Media groups. This would apply to groups such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Social Media Market

This Lecture explains the positives and negatives of working with "purchased leads" - who should buy them and who should not. You will also find a quality source for purchased leads that is the only lead source the course author recommends to his own downline.

Purchased Leads Market
How to Be a Powerful Inviter
8 Lectures 01:17:06

Second only to having too few prospects, how to effectively contact prospects is the next biggest challenge facing network marketers. This Lecture serves at the introduction to the Section of the Course, entitled, How to Be a Powerful Inviter. In this Section you will learn how to be a powerful inviter, without making yourself miserable by attempting to become something you are not.


This Lecture introduces you to three different marketing tactics that are highly-automated. Two of the tactics are fully automated and work for you every minute of everyday. And, the third tactic is fully automated, but needs to be reset every week or two. These tactics are simple to put in place and are a must for your business.

Automated Marketing Tactics

This Lecture teaches you three different invitations you can use to approach those prospects within your Personal Market. One of the approaches is designed specifically for those who are uncomfortable talking to friends and family and others acquaintances about their network marketing business. The other two invitations are more powerful, but require some personal follow up.

Personal Market Invitation

In this Lecture I teach you my simple, yet powerful marketing technique that works no matter where you find yourself; whether on vacation, paying for movie tickets or sitting in the waiting room at your Dentist's office.

Local Market Invitation

Here you will learn two proven and effective invitations to use with the prospects within your Target Market. This includes the eMail scripts, phone scripts and even the voice mail scripts.

Target Market Invitation

In this Lecture we cover the two proven and powerful invitations to use with the prospects within your Natural Market. Included are the eMail scripts, phone scripts and the voice mail scripts.

Natural Market Invitation

This Lecture covers a simple approach to marketing professionally and effectively within almost any Social Media market of your choice. This invitation approach uses a combination of three messages you will send through your Social Media network's messaging system.

Social Media Invitation

Working with purchased leads requires can be expensive if you either buy bad leads, or use poor technique in attempting to invite them to your sales presentation. In this Lecture you will learn the two most effective invitation technique available.

Purchased Leads Market Invitation
How to Turn Prospects Into Team Mates
3 Lectures 26:29

This Lecture serves to introduce you to this Section of the Course which focuses on how to turn your prospects into actual Team Mates. In this Section you will learn the only two "closing" techniques you will need to build a very successful network marketing business.


This Lecture explains how to work with your sponsor or other upline leader, using a 3-way call technique in order to turn your prospects into new Team Mates. This approach is very simple to use and is recommended for your first five to ten enrollments. After that, you will likely be ready to use the $100,000 3-Step Close.

The 3-Way Call Close

This Lecture teaches you my proprietary 3-step closing technique. There is nothing quite like it. In my opinion, it is the most powerful technique to get prospects to join you in business. What makes it so powerful is that it works for non-sales oriented men and women. In other words, it works extremely well for the masses because the masses can and will actually use it.

$100,000 3-Step Close
How to Build A Powerful Team
5 Lectures 53:40

This Lecture serves as an introduction to this important Section of the Course.


Here you will learn why Customers are the lifeblood of all businesses. And, you will learn how to generate new customers while focusing your marketing efforts on recruiting new team mates.

Customer Power

In this Lecture you will learn why it is absolutely necessary for your to hold yourself accountable in order to build a successful network marketing business. Network Marketers are business owners, but in most cases they are also employees who must report to and answer to themselves. If you waste time, then 100% of your business is non-productive.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Effective team work is the focus of this Lecture. How and what you communicate to your team mates will either save you a ton of time and help you produce new team leaders....or, you will waste a tremendous amount of time trying to help team mates who will not work to help you help them. Here you will learn how to ethically focus your precious time only on those members of your team who follow instructions and work.

Team Work

Everyone deserves the truth. This Lecture explains why being truthful with your Team Mates and yourself, are essential to building a strong team.

The Truth Will Set You Free
Professional Business Tools
6 Lectures 01:20:52

If you have failed to plan, then you have planned to fail. You need a clear roadmap for success and this Lecture teaches you how to put together a simple, yet effective Business and Marketing Plan. Also, you can download an editable template, from the resources section for building your own plan. Not only is the template easy to use, but it can be highly-effective.

Business/Marketing Plan

Your Master Sheet is a tremendous, yet very simple organizational tool. This Lecture teaches you how to use it and a downloadable Master Sheet template is available in the resources section.

Master Sheet

A Re-direct Web Address is one of the most valuable yet, amazingly affordable marketing tools that you can ever own. This Lecture teaches you how to select an effective web address name and how to setup your re-direct.

Re-direct Web Site

This Lecture give you a short tour of your Marketing Kit. Your Marketing Kit contains all the recommended email scripts, phone scripts and voicemail scripts. This is an invaluable tool that will not only save you a ton of time and can make you a lot of money. Your Marketing Kit is downloadable from the Resources section.

Marketing Kit

Your Internet Toolkit is a valuable free bonus for purchasing Network Marketing Mastery. This valuable PDF document contains the names and details for acquiring 30 different FREE Internet tools. It too, is downloadable from the Resource section.

Internet Toolkit

This Lecture provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

About the Instructor
Kelly Reese
4.9 Average rating
49 Reviews
204 Students
1 Course
Network Marketing Mastery

On a personal note, my wife (Linda) and I have been married for 49 years. We have two children and three awesome grandchildren.

A Chartered Financial Consultant by profession, I have also enjoyed Network Marketing for more than 40 years. In 1999, I retired my 25 year old consulting practice in order to devote full-time to Network Marketing.

I have been commissioned by several companies to build marketing systems for their distributors, and I have served as Vice President of Marketing for one nutritional company.

It has been my good fortune and honor to win Top Recruiter, Top Income Earner and Team Builder of the Year, multiple times. And, I am still an avid and highly-successful Network Marketer today.

I have conducted literally hundreds of international training calls and webinars teaching my successful network marketing techniques and methods.

My Network Marketing Mastery Course is filled with real-world, field-tested tactics. And, because I am still a full-time network marketer the course is up to date and filled with "fresh" techniques and tactics that work today.