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About This Course

Published 2/2015 English

Course Description

Give Me 15 Days And I’ll Give You The Rock-Solid Fundamentals Of Successfully Meeting And Attracting Women

Here’s what this is all about:

If you’d like to rapidly increase the quality and quantity of women in your life in the next 30 days and more, here is some good news.

I’m Not Gonna Sell You A Magic Pill!

If you’re looking for a “magic pill” product to just send women into your bed without you lifting a finger, pushing your personal boundaries and taking serious, consistent action, stop reading this page right now.

I’m not going to “hype” you that EVERYBODY will instantly become a rockstar with the ladies by just buying a product- Life isn’t that simple

You can have a great life with women… But that’s up to you to make happen.

There are shortcuts, of course – but you gotta take action and work hard to create what you want with women!

If you don’t have the persistence and drive to apply what I’m going to teach you – you ain’t gonna get any results.

It’s that simple.

With that said and done…

Here’s The Story About How I Transformed From A Lonely Loser Into A Hit With The Ladies

My name is David Crowther, and just a few years ago, I was your typical loser with the ladies.

You see, I grew up with a family that would move around every couple of months, which led to me becoming incredibly introverted as time passed by. (Some kids get really extroverted from such a situation, but I wasn’t as lucky)

I was so shy I couldn’t even look a girl in the eye!

Even if I knew she liked me, I was so dreadfully shy that I couldn’t connect with any women at all, in fact… I even had trouble making guy friends!

Safe to say, I didn’t start out this journey easy.

When I look back on it now I laugh, because I’ve got an amazing relationship with my girlfriend and I’m now a successful coach teaching hundreds of men worldwide for over half a decade…

But back then, boy was learning to meet and attract women terribly tough!

Some days I’d meet this girl and things would actually go incredibly well… some days I’d be rooted to the ground in bone-chilling approach anxiety, cold bullets of sweat dripping down my foreheaed… and I wouldn’t approach a girl even if you gave me a thousand bucks!

So how did I engineer such a transformation?

The answer is simple: Tons of painful trial and effort and hustle.

(Don't worry, it’s not gonna be that tough for you)

Here’s why:

After my years as a successful dating coach, I’ve boiled down the fundamentals of how to successfully meet and attract women into a short online course any man can take and use to create significant change in his dating life… if only he takes action on what he learns.

So here’s the deal:

I’d like to help you shortcut the painful years of stumbling in the dark that I had in order to achieve success with women.



The Attraction Mastery Course

The groundbreaking fundamentals of how to meet and attract your ideal women, delivered to you on a silver platter. Every little secret of attraction I’ve discovered over hundreds of satisfied clients and my own personal journey, revealed for you to cherry-pick to create your ideal dating and sex life.

Here’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in the 15 day course:

·3 secrets of attraction that'll allow you to trump over any kind of "looks, money, status" limitations and have a girl locked in, fascinated with who you are and wanting to know more - Day 2, 3 Secrets of Attraction

·The classic body language mistakes that instantly telegraph to girls that you're a bore and shouldn't be touched with a 10 feet stick (and the simple tweaks that have her opening up to you) - day 2, body language 101

·The mindset that allows you to socially develop in WEEKS, not YEARS - day 3, Rapid Social Development

·My personal 3 best conversational maps that turn the iciest of queens into doe-eyed, aroused, giggling girls - day 3, Game Plan

·The top 5 biggest reasons (read: EXCUSES) why men fail to approach and meet the women of their dreams (and how to nix them in the bud before it's too late!) - day 4

·Why rejection simply doesn't exist. (understand this and you'll approach anxiety will hurt you no more)- module 4 4

·The 9 month, 4 nights a week mistake that left me with no numbers and no dates despite approaching like a horny jackrabbit (and the exact steps to avoid it!) - day 4, My 9 Month Mistake

·The subtle signs that let you know when to persist and when to stop (doing this wrong will turn you into that creepy guy at the bar who doesn’t know when to stop!) - day 5, What is Interest?

·What you MUST do in the first crucial seconds of any interaction with women to set a frame that makes every step from then on 10 times easier (get this wrong, and you're making it THAT much harder for yourself) - day 5, Leading & Framing

·Logistics 101: The best places for you to meet women, while skyrocketing your progress with every approach you make (this is so you can learn from your mistakes quickly and get on the right track fast!) - day 6- Where to Meet Women

·Why nightclubs aren’t the best place to meet and attract women, contrary to popular belief. - day 6

·8 simple "no-brainer" steps to locking in attraction with practically any hottie you meet (even if she's surrounded by bitchy friends!) - day 7

In 7 days, you'll learn the fundamentals of meeting and attracting women tested in the seduction front lines to make your transformation into a sexier, seductive man as easy as going down a greased slide.

But We’re Just Getting Started…

…Because in the last 8 days, you'll learn just a few more crucial pieces of information to help you master this area of your life:

Here's just a sneak peek of what you’re getting:

  • ·3 simple things a man can do to lock in his progress while blasting him to the next level - day 8
  • ·How to baby step your way to success with women with zero information overload or overwhelm (it's dead-simple, but it'll trigger a landslide of success if you keep at it) - day 9
  • ·Do this when a girl starts shit testing you or her friends start being bitchy and instead of plummeting down, her attraction for you will spike - day 9, Contingencies & Interrupts
  • ·Free Association 101: The 5 rules for infinite, interesting conversation with anyone (man, woman, you'll become a conversation king when you start using these rules) - day 10, How to Free Associate
  • ·The easiest way to get her to invest in the interaction, so you're not the only one doing the work, and she's starting to seduce you as well! (even experienced guys get this wrong) - I'll show you how to do this in day 10, Qualification & Acknowledgement
  • ·The perfect training plan refined through years of live in-person training to deliver you the maximum results in minimum time - day 11, Perfect Training Launch Plan
  • ·4 mistakes you might make after you've started seeing results from the first 7 days (and how to nip them in the bud!) - day 12
  • ·5 ways to exceed your expectations and deliver you results with women beyond your wildest dreams - day 14
  • ·How to automate your progress and results with women so that you're naturally attracting and bringing women into your life without even any conscious thought about it - day 15

…and a whole lot more.

Now Here’s The Best Part:

This course isn't a boring, 100-hour tome of a course with me blabbering on about some obscure theory that requires even more time to decipher and break down into something you can actually use.

Each one of these videos is 5-10 minutes long, which means you’ll breeze through the course while absorbing all of its life-changing benefits into your interactions with women.

So How Much Does The Attraction Mastery Course Cost?

Here’s where it gets good for you.

Instead of spending close to a thousand dollars for live coaching with me, and instead of groping in the dark trying to find success with women without any results for all of your efforts…

…You can get the Attraction Mastery Course for just $97 $47 today.

Heck, if you add that up, that’s just a meal out somewhere nice or 5 Starbucks Lattes to get your hands on information that could change your life with women forever.

Why is it so cheap?

The answer is simple: I’ve been in your shoes where I couldn’t meet or attract the women I wanted, and the thought of approaching a cute girl would have me running away in a cold sweat, and I’d have paid through my nose to get even just one small tip that could’ve helped me in any way.

What this means for you is this: You’re getting an absolute bargain here!

And All You Really Need Is Just One.

Unless you’d like multiple girlfriends, meeting and dating one attractive girl is more than worth the reduced price of the Attraction Mastery Course.

In fact…

Here’s My MONEY Back Guarantee To You

Go through the course, all 15 days of it.

Do the action steps I give you, and if after 30 days you can look me in the eyes and say the course hasn’t helped you or for any reason at all you’re not satisfied…

Udemy will immediately refund you your money back for your time wasted.

Why? Simply put, I'm dedicated to producing results for my clients and students, and if you’re not satisfied with your investment, I’d like to buy it back from you.

So there’s absolutely no risk here.

Either you learn the fundamentals of attracting women into your life… or you get your money BACK.


Time Is A Factor

The fact is, I just can’t price the Attraction Mastery course at $47 forever without ending up on the streets! So please understand that this is a one-time offer that might be taken off the market any time soon, so get your copy of the course

before it’s too late.

To your success with women,

David Crowther

P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me!) who skip straight to the bottom to see what the fuss is all about, here’s the deal:

As part of a one-time offer, I’d like to give you my Attraction Mastery course for a measly $47. It was originally sold at $97, but the reason why I’m giving you such a great deal is because I’ve got a theory that if you know what you’re getting is worth WAY more than what you’re getting it for, you’re more likely to take action on what you’ll learn and be more than satisfied with the results.

Inside the course, you’ll learn the simple fundamental principles and techniques that allow my students to shortcut years of painful trial and error to create their ideal dating lives just by following the exact same instructions I’ve laid out for you in the videos.

The course is a 15-day video course, and you’ll receive daily videos from 5-10 minutes in length that ingrain the proper mindsets, beliefs and behaviours that lead to future success with women.

Also, to really sweeten the pot, I’m backing up your investment in the course with a double your money back guarantee: If after going through the 15 days and taking action, if in the next 30 days you’re not satisfied by the progress you’ve gotten with the course or for any reason at all you’re not satisfied, just tell Udemy and you’ll get your money back.

So there’s no way you can lose out here.

However, this offer is part of a limited, one-time offer that I’m testing that will not be available forever. What this means for you is that you’ve got to take action now in order to make sure you get your hands on Attraction Mastery before it’s too late.

So click the button below to get started. You won’t regret it.

What are the requirements?

  • We cover everything from A - Z, no prior knowledge required.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Meet any woman they want and know how to get her interested in continuing the interaction.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for men who are tired of struggling to break the ice with the women they see everywhere and never manage to meet. For those that are lonely and tired of settling for less.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction & Course Overview
Course Overview
Section 2: Defining Attraction & Why Learn This?

In this short video we look at what constitutes Attraction when meeting women and make sure that when we talk about Attraction later on you are familiar with what we mean.


Learning to be better with women has far greater consequences than just increasing the number of dates you'll have. It allows you to improve your confidence, social skills and even critical business skills like networking. In this video we explain just a few ways in which learning this can improve the quality of your whole life. After all, there's never going to be a time when you stop needing social skills.

Section 3: The Keys To A Great First Impression

In every interaction where a man gets a woman's attention these three secrets are present. When we are meeting someone completely new, and who does not know any of our friends, it's imperative that all three behaviors are present. We want you to create the best possible first impression.


You probably know that most communication is non-verbal. In this critical video we explain the do's and don'ts of good body language that will demonstrate confidence around women.

Section 4: Your Development Plan

Social intelligence is something we grow over time as we interact with various people. In this video we explain how to gain it far faster literally shaving years of trial and error off your interactions with women.


In this section we are you with the tools you need to go out and meet women, after this lecture you can feel free to go and put it into practice!

Section 5: Lessons & Insights To Create Success With Women

That girl in the little black dress might seem like a 80 Ib Gorilla as far as your emotions are concerned. There are always reasons to not make any move, in this video we look at the four biggest reasons and how to move past them and get into action.


I explain how my journey progressed and the simple lessons you can take from it.


I wasted 9 months of my life meeting women with nothing to show for it, in this video I take you though why I failed and how you can avoid the traps that I fell into.

Section 6: Psychological Concepts For Your Conversations

Feel like you do all the talking with the women you meet? Don't worry! That's actually pretty normal when you start out, this video will cover why.


Most men look for physical signs of Interest, in this video we look at why that can be a mistake and how to really know if a woman likes you.


To be powerful in your interactions with women, or people in general, it's crucial that you understand Framing. Framing determines how the conversation is being perceived, i.e. the context through which people are seeing the interaction. When you leave it up to others to determine how you occur for them then you are at the mercy of their past experiences and biases.

Section 7: Time To Meet Women, but Where?

Where do we want to meet women? The answer may surprise you.


Habits that allow you to turn your desired local venue into your playground of fun where you go to meet cool people and enjoy the good times.

Section 8: Putting It All Together

If you haven't started meeting women already then NOW is the time, in under two minutes we give you a quick recap and ask you to go get started. Remember, you get out what you put in.

Section 9: The Keys To The Castle

These three simple things can take you from initial success to the soaring heights of abundance around women and dating.

Section 10: What To Do When She's Interested In You

The common question, what now? This video answers exactly that. We cover the next steps so that you can start to build on that attractive first impression.


Social interactions don't occur in a vacuum and it's easy to see that things can come up in your conversations with women that you don't know how to handle. That's where this video comes in.

Section 11: Getting Investment & Never Running Out Of Things To Say

You must like a woman for more than her looks, it is a key part of creating a connection. In this video we look at learning more about her and how to demonstrate interest in her personality the right way.


Worried about running out of things to say? This is the video for you, we'll give you simple rules to keep a conversation flowing as well as exercises you can practice to strengthen those conversational muscles.

Section 12: How To Continue Your Training

Want to keep seeing growth - this is the plan that will help!

Section 13: Pitfalls You Should Miss Once You Start the Journey

Be careful you don't fall into any of these traps!

Section 14: How to Grow Your Results With Women

We cover the top 5 ways to see long term sustainable growth in the development of your social skills.

Section 15: How to Meet More Women (Scale up) Your Dating Life

Got the basics, but too busy to go out and practice? Look at these solutions for automating your dating life.

Section 16: Ask Questions, Give Feedback and Tell me What YOU Need!
Women + Fear = BAD

Join our community!


My weekly Podcast interviews some of the most successful and inspiring dating coaches in the industry, there are so many insights, gems and value bombs that I could never put them all into one book.

You can listen by going here (iTunes):

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Instructor Biography

David Crowther, Dating Consultant at Udemy

David Crowther is a dating consultant, who has worked with a variety of men and women over his six year career. He has been published nationally, featured on Yahoo! Screen and is the host of iTunes New & Noteworthy Podcast, Men's Survival Guide To Women.

Best of all David is now branching out to Udemy and is excited to work on a variety of courses that improve the way men communicate with women, from the initial meeting right through to planning the perfect date. After coaching hundreds and thousands of students, David will be branching out to a variety of courses over 2015.

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