Alibaba - Your Gateway to Importing & Making Huge Profits
4.5 (735 ratings)
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10,937 students enrolled
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Alibaba - Your Gateway to Importing & Making Huge Profits

Your Gateway to Importing and Exporting Products Around the World to Make Huge Profits
4.5 (735 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
10,937 students enrolled
Created by Colton Shuell
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Calculate the profitability of a product
  • Get familiar navigating Alibaba's site
  • Know how to message a supplier on Alibaba
  • Learn how to build a relationship with your supplier
  • Understand complex terminology
  • Communicate effectively overseas
  • Differentiate between a legit supplier and a scam artist
  • How to inspect the final packaging of an imported product
  • Specific methods of negotiating on Alibaba
  • How to private label a product
  • Spot a great and reliable supplier on the Alibaba site
  • Find a product on Alibaba
  • Wrap up a negotiation on Alibaba
  • Learn important shipping and customs terms
  • Handle receiving shipments from a supplier
  • The importance of an escrow agent
  • and so much more...
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  • Internet access
  • Notebook
  • willingness to take the first step

Last course update: July 2017 | 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back 

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It's time for something better. It's time for a course that refuses to rely on boring screencasts for every single lesson. Let's add some spice. 

I bring my information to life. Join my course today for the most direct path to financial success. I can help you make millions. You just have to take the first step and enroll. 

This course is not like the others. It actually gives you specific examples and a behind-the-scenes view of how to be successful on Alibaba. If I can do it, so can you.

My name is Colton Shuell and I have been selling on Amazon and Ebay for 18 years. I make millions in profit every year. It didn't happen overnight, I had to work very hard over the years refining my products and modernizing with all the changes that have occurred on these eCommerce platforms. I love selling products online because it allows me to live a carefree life.  

To tell you the truth, life wasn't always easy for me. After college, my wife and I were living paycheck to paycheck on a pull-out couch in a small studio apartment. Talk about stress! I knew it was time for a change, so I started selling products online.

Over the years, I have learned exactly what it takes to be successful and have mentored hundreds of ambitious entrepreneurs like yourselves. I created this course because I know it is possible and I want to help others reach their financial goals in life. 

I want to give you all the recipe behind my success. It all comes down to Alibaba. 

Did you know Alibaba is the fastest growing GOLDMINE for importing products and making you tons of money? It has been the go-to site for millions of online entrepreneurs interested in selling products on sites like Amazon and Ebay. 

If you sign up for my course, I will teach you everything you need to know. I will also personally respond to any questions you may have and be your online guide through this process. I've been there, I know what to do, let me help you succeed.

How my course works:

  • I don't waste your time with unnecessary details
  • I am direct and concise
  • I won't bore you with horrible screen casts for every single lesson
  • I will be there to help you along the way
  • I will refund you your money if you find absolutely no value in my course

What you will learn in the course:

  • How to find a PROFITABLE product to sell
  • How to find the BEST Alibaba suppliers
  • How to negotiate for the lowest price
  • What forms you need to get your products across the border
  • 3 specific examples of products that could make you money TODAY
  • The best methods of shipping your product to your country
  • How to outsource for a logo
  • The importance of private labeling
  • and SO MUCH MORE... (I can't tell you everything here!)

I will prepare you to navigate the exciting world of importation. 

I will prepare you for success. 

Are you ready to make a ton?

Enroll now. 

Who is the target audience?
  • Those who are interested in selling online
  • Those who want to start an ecommerce business
  • Those looking to expand their monthly income by thousands of dollars
  • Anyone who wants to create his or her own schedule
  • Those who want to help design their own product
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
Let's get started! - Key vocab terms
2 Lectures 14:11

This video gives all the terms you MUST know to effectively use Alibaba. 

These key terms will help you:

  1. Find a product
  2. Source a product
  3. Message a supplier
  4. Negotiate with a supplier
  5. Customize your product
  6. and so much more...

Preview 10:01

Test your knowledge of key vocabulary terms that you will need when working with suppliers on Alibaba.  Let's get started!

Vocabulary Terms QUIZ
7 questions

Alibaba is a GOLDMINE. Welcome to the course!

If you know how to navigate Alibaba's site, you have already taken your first step towards making a ton of money. If you don't know, no problem! I will show you everything you need to know and more.

Look, I am seriously excited to fill you in on some insider secrets of the site. If you are looking to source products through dependable manufacturers, Alibaba is the best site on the web right now. 

In this introduction lesson, we will touch on:

  1. How to search for an item on Alibaba
  2. Locating the price of the product
  3. Understanding what a "minimum order quantity" is 
  4. So much more...


Introduction - Getting familiar with Alibaba
Choosing a product - Finding a hot-selling product, calculating profit, etc...
5 Lectures 20:08

It's time for our favorite part! Teaching you how to make a ton of money using Alibaba! 

We will be using the example of a "cell phone case" for this video.

(Note: When you are choosing a product, you want to find a product that is a fast seller. FYI: Anything in the cell phone category is a hot-seller.)

What you will learn:

  1. What a "Gold Supplier" is
  2. What "Trade Assurance" is
  3. How to spot a dependable supplier
  4. How to locate a seller's rank on Amazon
  5. To compare a product on Amazon and Ebay
  6. How to take over a product that is already established on Amazon or Ebay
Preview 04:43

We are here to show you the boundlessness of Alibaba. There really is unlimited opportunity and we are going to give you another brilliant example.

For this video, we are going to use a "cell phone vent holder" as an example. 

What we will show you:

  1. How many people actually leave feedback
  2. How to find the same Alibaba product on Amazon
  3. How to locate the ranking of a product on Amazon
  4. How this product compares between Amazon and Ebay

The cell phone vent holder is just another beautiful example of an Alibaba product that will make you a ton of money.

Finding a Product on Alibaba - Part 2

I have had a bunch of students ask me how I started selling online. For instance, they want to know EXACTLY I chose a product to sell. In this video I will give you each and every step of how I picked a product. If you follow the steps in this lecture, you will feel confident and prepared to select  a product on Alibaba and start making some money!

You asked for it! Here it is! 

How I chose a product to import from Alibaba

You deserve a bonus!

We have included a info-packed lesson on how to calculate the profitability of a product on Amazon. Check this video out if you are interested in doing fulfillment by Amazon. After watching this video, you will know how to calculate your exact profits on any item you could imagine selling. 

Want to learn more about Amazon and Amazon FBA? We have an amazing course on Udemy that is just for you! It is called "Amazon - Private Label Products - FBA - Make a Million $$" and is selling like crazy. Why? Because we know our stuff. It's that simple. 

Here is the direct link:

Just copy it and paste it into your search bar. 

Bonus Content - Calculating the Profitability of a Product

Added: 8/22/2016

I have had hundreds of students ask about this, so I created a lesson just for them. They ask, "How do I know if a product is patented or if I am going to be infringing on someone else's copyright?" It is VERY tricky, believe me.

If you watch this lesson, you will learn about various "red flags" you can look for when you are choosing a product to import. By the end of this lesson, you will easily be able to tell if you are infringing on any copyrights before you import your items. 

Protect yourself from copyright infringement
What you need to know about China
2 Lectures 01:37

What makes China so great? Why have they become the go-to exporter? This article explains it all. 

Why is China such a powerhouse on Alibaba?

The more you know about the importing/exporting business, the more you can save. In this article, I am giving you key information that you will not find anywhere else. Check it out!

China vs. Local Production
Customizing your product - Logo design, branding, OEM, ODM
3 Lectures 13:04

This course is all about letting you know which products would actually make you money TODAY. 

We have gone ahead and given you a THIRD example of a product that you can import and make a lot of money on. The difference with this product is that the supplier fulfills ODM and OEM orders. If you are not sure what these terms mean, check out our "vocabulary terms" video.  

What you will learn:

  1. The difference between ODM and OEM
  2. How to alter the cell phone charger to make it ODM
  3. The importance of private labeling your product
  4. Example of how to negotiate the price
  5. How to instant message an online supplier
  6. How many days it will take for this supplier to produce the cell phone charger

The sky is the limit!

ODM Example

Let's talk about private labeling. It is pretty much the most important step you can take to separate yourself from your competition. Think about it,  you don't want a product that looks similar to all the others online. You need to start thinking of how you are going to differentiate yourself from other sellers. Private labeling will allow you to stamp your own logo onto your product, which transforms something "basic" into something unique and desirable. 

What you will learn in this lesson:

  1. Why private labeling is so important 
  2. What it means to "private label" a product
  3. A basic site for logo design
  4. Two advanced sites for logo design
  5. And so much more...

Let's get rolling!

Private label your products on Alibaba

Your job is to make sure your products look as professional as possible. (You have pretty much assumed the role of a graphic designer when working on the packaging for your product. Cool!)

This mini lesson will explain the various aspects of your product that you should inspect before giving your supplier the thumbs up to start mass producing your products. 

Inspecting your supplier's final packaging
Finding the best supplier - What to look for
3 Lectures 12:19

Let's talk about some of the important qualities to look for in a supplier. 

This video is critical for you to watch because it will give you the behind-the-scenes info on what I personally look for in my own suppliers. Alibaba is a MASSIVE site with THOUSANDS of suppliers. You need to know how to filter out suppliers that aren't worth your time. The information in this lesson has been tested and formulated over a long period of time. I have been selling online for about 18 years and want to fill you in on EXACTLY what you need to know.

Some topics mentioned in the lesson are:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Price vs. Quality
  4. Lead time
  5. Fees
  6. Sample products
  7. and so much more... (I can't write out ALL of my secrets)
Qualities to look for in an Alibaba supplier


Before you message a supplier on Alibaba, you should take a look at this video. You will learn everything you need to know to make sure your supplier is legit. Scams are out there, so it is worth watching.

How to make sure your supplier is legit

Rule of thumb: Always message more than one supplier on Alibaba. 

When searching for a supplier, you must keep your options open. By doing so, you will have the ability to choose the best supplier from the herd. There are thousands of suppliers on Alibaba, you need to end up with the best one. They all want your business, but not all of them should get it. You have to take into consideration how fast the supplier responds to you, the price, and so much more. 

To make life easier, I have given you the exact message I write to suppliers when I am making my initial contact. This exact message has landed me with some of the best suppliers in China and it also has opened the door to long-lasting friendships. But look, there are so many ways you can interact with a supplier on Alibaba. 

Feel free to change the message to fit your unique personality. 

 Check it out!

Using a Common Message for Alibaba Suppliers
Communicating with your supplier on Alibaba -
5 Lectures 20:07

Let's talk about some more communication techniques you should know before speaking with any supplier around the world. Most countries have a very unique culture that includes different traditions, holidays and festivals. Make sure you are fluent in those holidays before yuo get upset about an order not being fulfilled as quickly as you hoped. 

Some communication considerations mentioned in this lesson are: 

  1. Price
  2. English
  3. Holidays
  4. Language barriers
  5. Jokes
  6. Hierarchy 
Communicating Overseas - Cultural differences

I'm about to give you the BEST method of negotiating on Alibaba. 

If you are concerned with getting the best quality product for the lowest price, this is the video for you. I will explain exactly how I communicate with the overseas suppliers to get a price that is outrageously low. To me, every single penny adds up and is important in the long run. 

Fact: Suppliers want your your business and will take certain risks to get it. 

I have unlocked the secrets behind how a supplier thinks and really want to share these theories with you. The best part is that this negotiation can all be done over email (so if you are afraid of public speaking, you can relax).  

How to Negotiate pt. 1

How to Negotiate pt. 2

You've done it! You've finalized your product and you are ready to rock. Let's finish up your Alibaba deal.

This video will give you the final steps to completing your order with your Alibaba supplier and get you on your way to making a ton of money. You are so close to becoming your own boss, making your own schedule, having that extra income for yourself or your family... you can almost taste it! Get excited, my friends! Take the final step!

In this lesson you will learn:

  1. How to submit an order on Alibaba 
  2. How to add specifics to your order
  3. How to pay for your order
  4. The importance of placing your order through Alibaba
Wrapping up your Alibaba deal

Getting to know you supplier will ensure that you get the best service and are treated like GOLD. 

A lot of people don't understand the importance of building a lasting friendship with their supplier, but it can come in handy in many situations. Establishing this long-distance friendship can be a bit tricky since your ability to communicate could be severely compromised. Nevertheless, it is important to find some common ground and treat your supplier with as much respect as you would any of your friends. Who knows, they could very well become some of the best friends you ever had! This happened to me! 

Establishing a friendship with your supplier
Shipping and receiving your order - customs, documents, methods of shipping
10 Lectures 31:45

Next, let's talk about shipping. 

You've designed your product and now your supplier is talking to you about shipping. You are going to have to get your products to you country somehow and the truth is that shipping costs money. But, BELIEVE ME when I tell you that your profits will make these costs negligible once you start selling online. It is important to know that the method of shipping plays a large part in the final price your seller will give you. You have to calculate how much it will cost per product to ship from your supplier's country to your home country and factor it into your profits. 

In this video, we will go over the many shipping options you have. 

We will talk about:

  1. Freight forwarding 
  2. Import taxes
  3. Shipping companies
  4. Duties
  5. The four forms you need to get your products processed (if you live in the USA)
  6. and so much more!
Shipping and customs

Added 11/15/2016

A lot of my students are asking me about those "hidden" costs associated with importing products from overseas. This lecture will clear up any questions you may have.

NEW! Duties and fees

Let's fast forward to the amazing day you receive your goods from your supplier. This mini video talks about the importance of having an escrow agent to hold your final wire-transfer until you verify your goods are high-quality and exactly what you ordered. 

Receiving shipments from your supplier - escrow agents

If you have watched the entire course, you are now ready to roll. You have gained valuable information that will lead you straight to success. Still, I wanted to create a guide for you, just in case you need a reminder on how the importing process works. Remember, the following guide only contains the outer skeleton of the information given in the videos. Do not expect to understand the inner workings of Alibaba without watching each video lesson in its entirety.

Alibaba: Importing Overview

Let's pretend you are browsing Alibaba for some cool products and you see two people selling the same thing! One has better reviews, but it is more expensive...what should you do? This lesson will give you the inside scoop on how to distinguish between a "reseller" versus a "factory owner". They look pretty similar to the untrained eye, but I don't want you to get caught paying more than you need to.

Knowing the key differences will save you a lot of time and money. I have all your answers in this lesson! 

Check it out!

Alibaba Resellers vs. Factory Owners

The scariest part of this whole process is sending your precious money over to a supplier. I totally understand. I've been there. I know that this project is a major investment of not only your money, but your time.

In this video, you are going to learn what is considered "normal" when it comes to transferring money. There is a rule you should know because it will make you feel much more confident in your supplier, especially when they adhere to it. You will also learn about the various options you have when it comes to sending your money via a wire transfer. There are many options, we can't wait to share!

I will also spend a bit of time showing you how to protect yourself against any avoidable scams. You'll learn how to detect any suspicious activity and prevent yourself from losing money. 

Sending money overseas - wire transfer

You've selected your product from Alibaba, designed a great logo, and contacted the perfect supplier.

It's time to order a sample!

This is one of the most exhilarating experiences you will encounter on your journey to make a million dollars on Amazon. Your supplier will happily send the sample directly to you in the mail. When that package arrives, you will be ecstatic. You will get to see all of your hard work bundled into a cool product.  

This lesson is all about the importance of ordering a sample from your supplier and how you should evaluate your product after you receive it.  

Ordering a sample - Part 1

added 12/3/2016

Here is the second piece to the puzzle. Ordering a sample is so important! Make sure you do it!

NEW! Ordering a Sample - Part 2

*Added 8/22/2016*

I have had many students message me because they don't have enough money to order a full ocean container of product from their supplier. They have enough money to avoid "arbitrage," but not enough to order the MOQ that most suppliers require. I understand completely. I know that you want to get selling on Amazon and start making some extra income. 

Your initial amount of funds shouldn't limit you from being able to sell on Amazon, because there are other options that you can take advantage of to get a smaller order of products at a great price. Follow along in this lesson as I explain exactly what you should do in this situation. 

Ordering small order with AliExpress

Added *9/6/2016*

This lesson is all about protecting yourself from copyright infringement. I want to make sure you all know the signs that a product is copyrighted or patented before you consider importing it into your home country. There are many ways you can tell if a product design is owned by a major corporation, and I am going to tell you exactly how. 

Watch this lesson before you import anything from Alibaba, it will save you so much time, money and legal headaches. 

Beware of copyright infringement
Where to sell your products
4 Lectures 17:53

Added: *9/6/2016*

There are so many places to sell your products, but which ones are the best? You don't want to waste your time with online platforms that charge you more per month than you actually make from selling your product. I have tried many of these marketplaces before, and I can attest that they are NOT worth it.  

In this lesson, I am going to save you some time and hassle. I am going to tell you the number 1 BEST market to start selling in.

Where to sell your products (part 1)

Added: *11/3/2016*

There are so many places to sell your products, but which ones are the best? You don't want to waste your time with online platforms that charge you more per month than you actually make from selling your product. I have tried many of these marketplaces before, and I can attest that they are NOT worth it.  

In this lesson, I am going to save you some time and hassle. I am going to tell you the second BEST market to start selling in. 

Let's go!

Where to sell your products (part 2)

Added: 11/3/2016

The final method of selling your products is simple. It requires a bit more leg work, but it is doable and worthwhile. Check out this video to learn more. 

Where to sell your products (part 3)

added: 11/17/2016

I know this course is on Alibaba, but I want to make sure my students know what options they have when it comes to sourcing products. Alibaba isn't your only option. This lecture is dedicated to all those who want to know where I have found some of the products I currently sell on Amazon.

NEW! Other places to find products to sell
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I found this quotation one day and it changed my perspective on the world. Here it is:

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I won't let you settle for anything less than the best, because I know the "best" is within your reach. I created my courses to help you get to your entrepreneurial goals and I promise to be there every step of the way. 

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