How To Develop An Awesome Memory
4.5 (50 ratings)
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530 students enrolled
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How To Develop An Awesome Memory

Guinness memory record breaker and US Memory Champion shows how to hugely improve memory using easy to learn techniques
4.5 (50 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
530 students enrolled
Created by David Thomas
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Apply memorisation techniques to all areas of your personal and professional life.
  • Remember names, numbers, lists and even impress your friends by memorising a pack of playing cards.
  • Discover the power of Mind Mapping and unlimited potential for learning.
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  • The desire to improve your memory.
  • Be prepared to practice the techniques.
  • A pen and paper to complete the exercises, as well as a timing device.

David Thomas, a Guinness memory record breaker and US Memory Champion, shows you how to improve your memory. 

He believes in the mantra “when we laugh, we learn” so the course is humourous and light hearted.

Alongside this fun approach to learning lies a series of powerful techniques that will dramatically improve your memory. David has honed his strategies through 20 years of application at the highest level in memory competitions and breaking memory records.

The lessons are easy to learn and in small bite sized chunks. 

The course contains techniques that you will be able to apply at home and work to learn new information, pass exams and get promoted.

You will discover how to memorise names, numbers, lists, presentations, traffic directions, foreign languages, exam information and much more.

You will uncover the power of Mind Mapping, how to use repetition effectively and maintain massive recall of information you have learned.

So, get signed up now to this life changing course and unleash the memory you so richly deserve.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their memorisation skills with easy but powerful techniques.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
introduction: How To Develop An Awesome Memory
1 Lecture 10:48
Do you have trouble recalling names, locations, and everyday information? Learn how to improve your memorisation skills by taking this course with record-breaking memory specialist, David Thomas. As a Guinness world record holder and international speaker, David provides a simple memory exercise to demonstrate how imagination can aid in memorisation, and explains what tools he’ll teach you in this course. When you train your memory, you’ll be more successful in all aspects of your life!
Preview 10:48
Memory Principles
3 Lectures 09:20
Discover the first memory principle that you can apply straight away. It's easier than you think.
Memory Principle 1

Can you remember what makes an image memorable? How well were you focused on this lecture?
What Makes An Image Memorable?

See for yourself how powerful your memory can when you use the right techniques.
Memory Principle 2
Journey Technique
5 Lectures 08:37
The Roman Room System is now known as the Journey Technique. One that is easy to learn and apply. 
Roman Room System

Apply the technique to your own journey.
Create Your 10 Stage Journey

After a demonstration, you will place the items around your journey.
How To Create Your Journey

Using your journey and the list of items given to you.
Place Items In Your Journey

Test yourself and be amazed at the results!
See how you can apply to some real world applications.
How Did You Do?
Memorising Numbers
1 Lecture 09:57
We have the capacity to learn an unlimited number of digits. I broke a Guinness record for reciting Pi to 22,500 digits of Pi. Use these techniques along with the journey techniques in the previous lecture to apply this to so many elements of daily life.
How To Memorise Numbers
Memorising Names
3 Lectures 07:47
Make people feel important and build personal relations to do what other won't or can't.
Association And Sounds Similar

See how many of these names you can create your own images for.

Create Your Own Images

SLUG is an acronym of a techniques to use when meeting lots of people.

SLUG Process
Science Of Memeory
3 Lectures 10:52
Why is it better to draw an image than write down the word? Understand the science of how the brain works and how it applies to memorisation.

Appreciate the value of Mind Mapping when it's done correctly following some simple rules.
Value Of Mind Mapping

Learn about memory traces, spaced repetition and why we need to run through the field of grass many times to make information stick. 
Rate Of Forgetting
Professional Applications
2 Lectures 10:31
Being able to memorise presentations so that you can speak without notes is brilliant for maximising the impact on an audience. A more powerful memory equals more professional success.

Learning industry and company information before going for a job interview can set you apart from other candidates. Having sales information to hand enables you to close a deal more efficiently.
Personal Application
3 Lectures 09:56
Using local language when you go abroad is as good as it gets. And it's easy, despite it being consistently listed as the most difficult intellectual skill for adults to master.
Learning Languages

Learning how to memorise a pack of playing cards is a stunning party trick that never fails to amaze.
Memorising Playing Cards

We rely on our phones too much for everything!
Could you find your way if you had to stop and ask for directions? 
Memorising Traffic Directions
Passing Exams
2 Lectures 10:17
At school, we are taught WHAT to learn but never HOW to learn it. The odd hour here and there once a year doesn't quite cut it. So we hit a wall, go no further and get put in a set according to our perceived ability. In reality, learning and applying memory techniques takes us way beyond what we can achieve without them.
At High School

Many jobs require professional qualifications. These techniques will ensure you know that you've passed the exam, even before you've left the exam hall.
In The Workplace
Application Of Memory Techniques
2 Lectures 08:35
Learning is nothing without application. This lesson brings a toolbelt of ideas that help make the most of the course. We look at how you can become a Purple Cow and stand out from the crowd. How to use motivational strategies to keep yourself driving forward. How to motivate self talk in your head. How lifestyle has a huge impact on memory. And, finally, I bring it all together with my acronym TIME.
Applications Moving Forward

You Are What You Can Remember.
Don't Forget!
About the Instructor
David Thomas
4.5 Average rating
49 Reviews
530 Students
1 Course
Guinness memory record breaker and US Memory Champion.

David Thomas struggled at school and got very few exams. He joined the Fire Service aged 20 but kept badly failing his promotion exams. At the age of 28, he bought a book on memory improvement to help him after seeing a guy on TV memorise a pack of playing cards. Just 8 months later, he went to the 1996 World Memory Championships and came 4th. He has since gone on to develop one of the most powerful memories in history.

Memory Achievements

  • World Memory Championships medallist
  • International Grandmaster of Memory
  • Guinness memory record breaker – memorised and recited the mathematical formula Pi (3.14159…) to 22,500 digits from memory and without error
  • US Memory Champion
  • US memory record breaker – memorised 160 digits in 5 mins
  • World record holder – memorised and recited 100 individually shuffled packs of playing cards

David is a professional speaker who has spoken for 20 years in 21 countries on the subject of memory. 

He is a Sunday Times (London) #1 bestselling author with more than 1 million people reading his books worldwide.

He has appeared in the media more than 500 times including going on The Oprah Winfrey Show.