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Effective management isn’t always easy. Among other skills, managers need to be able to hire new talent, give clear feedback, make strategic decisions, motivate action, delegate responsibilities, and communicate their team’s successes to company leadership.

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Decision-making, organization, interpersonal, and leadership skills are very important for managers to have. Knowing how to make sound decisions on behalf of the company — and doing so confidently — is vital in keeping the business running smoothly. Creating effective business plans and hiring new personnel are two examples where decision-making comes in handy. Organization skills often complement decision-making, allowing you to create achievable timelines for your action plans and delegate the tasks amongst your colleagues. Motivating your team to always perform their best is easier when you have the interpersonal skills to instill comradery and inspire them with positive communication. All of those skills combined will position you as a leader your teammates can always turn to. Managers with strong leadership skills can keep the team on track from start to finish and hold themselves accountable if anything falls off course.