Easy Guide to Veganism
4.4 (6 ratings)
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550 students enrolled
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Easy Guide to Veganism

Making Healthy Eating Fun and Easy
4.4 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
550 students enrolled
Created by Connor Cranston
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop a more ethical and healthier eating choice!
  • Understand how to make veganism part of their lifestyle!
  • Empower themselves by improving their lifestyle !
  • Feel more healthy, energetic, and productive!
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  • Want to change their eating habits
  • Open to veganism/vegetarianism

I'LL NEVER DO THAT! (These were the words that came out of my mouth years ago...)

Ever wonder why most people give up so easily when it comes to eating? One word...choice! It's funny that our foods and "diets" control our daily lives. We are slaves to what we consume. We sacrifice years of health, productivity and energy down the road for 20 minutes in heaven every meal by consuming "fillers" and "chemicals" that honestly don't even give off vital importance.

How cool and beneficial would it be to not only enjoy what you ate, yet also become healthier, more productive and energetic?

Here's the cold brutal truth, being a vegan can be fun and easy. To get there most people don't even give it a chance or quit to soon. 

In this course I'm going to help you step-by-step to join the path that many individuals who have taken the leap to create a better future for the planet, their families, and most importantly themselves.

  • Isn't it time that you got back the youth and energy that you wanted? 
  • Sick and tired of those expense doctor bills?
  • Or worse, are you embarrassed to look in the mirror because of your poor eating habits?

So join me in this course to a new lifestyle of healthier living and creating more conscious eating choices for you and your loved ones!

Who is the target audience?
  • Individuals who want to transition to veganism/vegetarian!
  • Individuals looking to empower themselves!
  • Individuals who care about the environment!
  • Individuals who like to eat healthy!
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Curriculum For This Course
Easy Guide to Veganism Intro
1 Lecture 02:47


This is just a brief outline of what we will be going over in the course. Some key take aways are that you're not going to be sacrificing or committing to anything today. In fact I don't even see you taking your first step til later down the road.



Make sure you download the workbook!

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Easy Guide to Veganism Module 2
1 Lecture 08:05

Everything that you do, needs to have a purpose behind it , otherwise it's meaningless.

When it comes to your health, it's so crucial because most people change their health habits because of a trend or if they see someone else getting results. Yes, I do agree to some aspect that different things work for different people, yet remember if anyone can do it, so can you.

We're going to go a little in depth in this lesson so you can fully understand the fundamentals of why it's so important to have a "WHY" when it comes to making a new healthy habit.


Discover Your Big WHY
Easy Guide to Veganism Module 3
1 Lecture 09:46

There's a recent poll that only 10% of the world is vegan/vegetarian. Now that's not so bad, yet the numbers would go way up if people knew the benefits.

That's where I can help. People want an outcome to their solution,

It's crazy that a movie ticket can cost $15 these days. That $15 is giving people entertainment and a place to relax.

So when it comes to eliminating all animals products in their lifestyle, you can say that were giving up meat so that we can look, feel, and be better!


The Amazing Benefits
Easy Guide to Veganism Module 4
1 Lecture 05:44

Ahh yes, the good old internet. Where there are many truths and lies. So which one do you take advice from?

Great insight there. Here's the thing, always do your own research because ultimately you are responsible for your life. I always research 3-5 different resources just to make sure.

And sometimes, you gotta just bite the boot and experiment yourself (Just be careful not to put your life in danger. Don't go out eating mushrooms in the wild and then end up in a hospital the next morning)


Debunking Myths About Veganism
Easy Guide to Veganism Module 5
1 Lecture 07:01

Action is the root all of success. It is the key to confidence and eliminating fear.

Here I'm going to have you on your seat a little. I'm not asking for you to give up all your belongings and shave your head to live a monk lifestyle.

In fact, I'm going to make this really easy for you. Everything is a process. Slow is steady and steady is fast!


Lights! Camera! Action!
Easy Guide to Veganism Module 6
1 Lecture 05:31

Everything is energy! Energy is what gives things and object life force and purpose. 

Guess what has more energy than a sack of dead meat? Plants and fruit!!! 

You're going to learn why it's important to have great energy throughout your life so that you can accomplish more and reach your dreams.


Energizing Yourself
Easy Guide to Veganism Module 7
1 Lecture 05:59

Habits are what shapes our lives. They can either make us or break us. There are no good or bad habits. Just healthy or harmful habits.

Were going to learn how to incorporate healthy eating habits into our lifestyle so that we can enjoy it.

The more you do something, the easier it becomes and also more enjoyable.


How to Make Healthy Eating Habits
Easy Guide to Veganism Module 8
1 Lecture 06:55

Resources are great, but it's also about being resourceful. 

I'm going to be giving you an arsenal of ammunition so that you can use it at your disposal. At the same time, make sure you share the wealth.

If more people care in this world, life would be so much more fun and less stressful.


Resources to Become Resourceful
Easy Guide to Veganism Encore
1 Lecture 06:15


You made it. Most people barely even get through the first chapter, but you managed to outdo most people.

Were just going to wrap up what you learned and from there, it's up to you to make the best of it!


P.S. If you found this course helpful, please leave an honest review!

About the Instructor
Connor Cranston
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Tedx Speaker | Story Teller | Health Empowerer | Marine Vet

Connor Cranston is a high performance strategist and Ceo of Cranstons A-Z LLC. He started his first business at the age of twelve. He is the author of the upcoming book "The Big Revelation." Born in Vietnam with a twin brother, they were adopted together at 6 years old. He enlisted in the Marine Corps at 17 and became a full time entrepreneur at 22 years old.

Connor has given talks at Tedx, schools, and businesses. He coaches millionaires, athletes, military personnels, and entrepreneurs from all over the world. He has taught students in over 60 different countries about health, performance, and mindset.

His passion is helping people improve their health so they can enjoy the freedom they deserve. Connor also regularly volunteers for non-profits such as Guardian Ad Litem.

He loves growth, reading, masterminding with liked minded individuals and is also a vegan!

Check out his Tedx talk on "Unconventional Wisdom."