Building a Search Engine in PHP & MySQL

Learn how to create a dynamic multi-part data driven search engine in PHP from absolutely scratch for your website.
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Building a Search Engine in PHP & MySQL

Learn how to create a dynamic multi-part data driven search engine in PHP from absolutely scratch for your website.
3 reviews


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Building a custom search engine is very necessary for any website existing on the World Wide Web, because a website without Search Engine is like a ROOM without DOOR. And it's very easy to create in PHP & MySQL from scratch. You are going to learn creating a search engine from scratch within next 2 hours if you join this course.


The Content & Structure of the Course

This course contains 3 sections with 12 videos and 2+ hours of video content. and will also include the source files & presentation for your personal use. The course will be updated time by time with new content and new quizzes.

Why take this course?

You should take this course because it will help you creating a search engine in PHP for your own website, your client's website or simply you want to enhance your PHP & MySQL skills and take them to the next level.

    • A web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
    • A text editor (Notepad++ or Dreamweaver)
    • A web server or local server (XAMPP or Wamp)
    • Over 12 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    • You'll be able to create a custom search engine
    • You'll learn creating a search engine in PHP
    • You'll become a better PHP Developer
    • No Extra knowledge is required
    • Basic HTML is an advantage for students


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  • SECTION 1:
    Introduction - and creating necessary folders & display Page
  • 1
    What we are going to Learn in this course?

    In this first video of first section, we'll know about the content of the course.

  • 2
    Creating the necessary folders & display page

    In the second video of first section we'll create the necessary folders & the display page called "search.html" for the project, so after that we can go ahead to start the actual PHP work for this project.

  • 3
    Creating the Database & Table for the project

    In this third video of first section, we'll learn how to create the MySQL database and the table for this project.

  • 4
    Creating the insert_site.php page for inserting data into the database

    In the fourth video of this section, we'll learn how to create the insert_site.php page for this project, by which we can insert the site details into the table inside a MySQL database called "sites".

  • 5
    Inserting website/page details into the database

    In this fifth & last video this section, we'll learn how to insert the data into the table inside MySQL database, we'll be inserting website details i.e keywords, title, link, image and description, which we can later on display on the result page.

  • 6
    Questions for Section one
    3 questions
  • SECTION 2:
    Displaying the results to the users in the browser
  • 7
    Creating the result.php page for displaying the results

    In first video of section two, we'll create the the result page which will be displaying the relevant results from the MySQL database upon the user query.

  • 8
    Creating the PHP Script for Displaying the Results

    In this second video of 2nd section, we'll create the PHP script for displaying the results upon the user query, we'll retrieve the data from the MySQL database inside the sites table.

  • 9
    Displaying the results to the users in the browser

    in 3rd video of 2nd section, we'll be able to display the results to the users when they search any keyword using our search box. And this is done by a PHP script, the data is coming from the Table "Sites" inside "Search" database.

  • 10
    Validating the PHP search engine Script

    In the 4th video of section 2, we'll be validating the search engine script using PHP, because we don't want to run extra executions PHP scripts.

  • 11
    Understanding the search engine script in PHP

    In this last video of section two, we'll try to understand that how search engines in PHP work? and how they perform the task upon the given query by the users.

  • 12
    Questions for section two!
    5 questions
  • SECTION 3:
    The Summary & Important Notes
  • 13
    How to use this search engine for a website

    In this video, we'll learn how to can we use this search engine for a website, this is the second last video of the course and is included in the 3rd section of this course. Kindly find the full source code in the last video of this course.

  • 14
    The Summary of the Course & Important Notes

    This is the final summary of this course and also some important notes, you can also download the entire source code and folders which were used in this project. And your questions are welcomed. Thanks for taking this course.


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  • Heartsmagic
    Not exactly described in its title but it's OK.

    I gave 3 stars for this course, let me explain it. First of all this is a very good course for starters. Believe me, if you don't know any php and how to connect it with mysql, this is a good and basic course for you. Good explanations, good simple examples. But, this course is not exactly about writing a search engine imho :) It is about inserting some data to databese and search it again in this database. So, search engine must be a bit more complicated I think. This is why i throw away firts star. In addition to that, I hope to see some more CSS within HTML. If there is some more, this course is a 4 star. This is why i gave it 3. Again, this is a good starting point for first commers. I glad I paid for this course. Thanks.

  • Peter Napoli
    Best online programming course I've ever taken PERIOD

    I was skeptical at first, I've taken over a dozen online programming courses and always ran into problems with poor explanations, version mismatch with software... Abdul's course on creating a search engine from scratch exceeded my expectations in every way, from step by step instructions from setting up xamp on your system, to the placement of files in the htdocs folder (important stuff that many other tutorials fail to talk about), and a perfect pace for the level of the material that is never too fast, but not too slow where you could get bored. I learned so much from this course I can honestly say I could recreate this search engine project with little or no reference. I didn't memorize syntax, Abdul walks you through the logic so by the end of the code you get that great feeling like "Ohh, that's what that is". Abdul is also very responsive if you have issues and genuinely wants you to learn the material. My only regret is I can't give him 6 stars because this course absolutely warrants it (money and time well spent). Thanks again Abdul - I'll be looking out for any new courses you put up!

  • Haris Hassan
    awsum awsum search engine idea :)

    I'm finding his teaching style to be very clear, and the contents are very well organized. i really appreciate Mr. Abdul wali. he is a great men. thank you soo much sir.