Becoming A Writer

Writing Warm-Up Exercises - Learn The Basics Of Great Non-Fiction Writing In Three Minutes A Day
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Course Description

So you're writing... and that makes you a writer!

And just like every athlete needs great warm-up exercises; so every writer needs great writing exercises.

This course is designed to get you started as a writer. To practice writing your words onto paper or onto your computer so that you can build confidence to write and publish your work.

What Makes "Good" Writing?

In this online writing course you’ll learn how to write the four clear principles of good non-fiction writing. The four "C's" I call them. And all the exercises are carefully designed to fit within that structure. Every time you do one, you are building technique in one of those four principles.

It's just like flexing a muscle at the gym - getting fitter helps you play your chosen sport better.

Practice Makes Perfect?

When people tell you that you need to practice whatever level of writer you are. But it can be hard to know what that means. This course gives you twelve exercises to choose from to get the practice you need, to find your own style when you're first starting to write, and to get into the groove quickly the more you master your craft. It helps you build the confidence to put your writing into the world and to press "publish", whatever that means for you. Go through the exercises one by one, day by day, or just pick any single one as you feel like it to just get started or to get unstuck.

Who's This For?

This online writing course is designed for authors and bloggers at any level, from this course you will learn how to write from good to great in just three minutes a day!

If you're taking any of my other courses, then these are perfect exercises to get you into the writing groove in the first week of that course while you're planning out your book.

This online writing course to help you become a better non-fiction writer is also a perfect fit for anyone creating video, audio or any kind of written information product - the same principles apply and these exercises will help you learn how to write engaging content whatever format you are using.

What are the requirements?

  • three minutes a day to practice...

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 19 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • to build confidence and technique into your writing

What is the target audience?

  • writers
  • authors
  • bloggers
  • information product creators
  • anyone who wants to improve their writing or build more confidence to publish their information products!

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee

Forever yours.
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Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Welcome! And How To Use This Course
Welcome! And Orientation
Becoming A Writer: Building Confidence And Technique For Non-Fiction Writing
Section 2: The Four Principles Of Great Non-Fiction Writing
The Four Principles Of Great Non-Fiction Writing
31 pages
Downloadable handbook to accompany this course. This is NOT a video lecture - it's a pdf document you can save to your computer or print out as a handy reference guide. It goes into more detail than the video lectures on the exercises (and gives examples as well). Enjoy!

Some students have shared that they would like access to this on their ipad or iphone app and I wanted to let you know that there is a button under the lecture that says "save for offline". Just click and the lecture downloads for you to read whether you are online or out of reach of 3G or wifi. Very cool!
Section 3: The Twelve Writing Exercises
Introduction To The Writing Exercises
Equipment - Get Set Up!
Exercise 1: Lists
Exercise 2: What's Your Why?
Exercise 3: Random Connections
Exercise 4: The Good In People
Exercise 5: Processes (Writing To Teach)
Execise 6: Principles (Writing To Teach)
Exercise 7: Telling Stories
Exercise 8: A Single Sense
Exercise 9: Giving Advice (Writing To Teach)
Exercise 10: Opposite Perspectives
Exercise 11: Less Is More
Exercise 12: Love Your Writing
Section 4: Final Words
Final Words...

Instructor Biography

Cathy Presland , Author, Speaker, Strategist.

Cathy works with entrepreneurs who want to write and sell books as part of their business (and personal) growth strategy. Whether it's for brand-building and credibility, or to share a message – and best of all when there's a link between the two.

You can find Cathy's training courses here on Udemy. She also leads live workshops and events to help you get your book done and really take your business to the next level of success. "Marketing is a credibility game" as one of her students said and there is nothing that will boost your credibility faster than having a good book.

Cathy wrote her first book in 2010. And sold 37 copies the next month. Not bad. But she knew it could do better and had gone on to build success after success with sold-out workshops and Amazon bestsellers. She now has a raft of highly regarded training courses behind her and works with multiple bestselling authors to show them how to use a digital book to reach more people and get more credibility in their field.

Cathy loves the business end. How your book can fit your business, how you can take what you already know and turn it into a book without having to re-create from scratch. Clients choose to work with her for her warm and motivating approach, and her razor-sharp expertise at taking your ideas and turning them into a structured and engaging book that readers love to consume.

She’s also an expert in the whole world of self-publishing and online marketing – and while she doesn’t guarantee to make your book a bestseller, she has a long line of credentials of bestselling authors who have worked with her or taken her training courses.

Cathy loves to work with people who are decisive and motivated. She wants nothing more than for you to take action and succeed. Thinking about a solution isn't enough. You have to move – that’s when the magic happens.

The back story...

For over twenty years Cathy has been an economic adviser to governments around the world. Economics is all about creating and sharing wealth and she'll tell you that we have to be proactive about the sharing part. She’s set up a micro-lending fund for women in Africa, and headed up multi-billion euro packages of European economic development funding.

Today her ambitions are to help you create a business and life you love so that you can be inspired to do the big stuff.

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    • Billy Robbins

    Great for Newbies

    It seems overwhelming to become a writer. This is especially true when you have no prior experience. This course is great at giving easy, bite size steps to grow in ability and confidence. I'm loving it. Thanks Cathy!

    • Julie

    becoming a writer course

    great informative lessons. I would recommend to any one wanting to write.

    • Ricky Rangel Jr.

    Great exercises to make you a better writer.

    There is not a lot in the way of education in this course: the instructor states in the beginning that if you write, you are a writer. You get a short but sweet explanation of 4 key principles of good writing, and then you're put right to work with varied exercises that increase your writing skills, and raise your confidence, with guided commentary on how to get the most out of each exercise. I came in expecting more info on grammar and sentence structure, rhetorical devices and such: I didn't find that here. Still, I'm completely satisfied as the exercises did what they were supposed to: turn me into a writer by making me write. I'll be repeating the course to get some more exercise. Would recommend.

    • Jennifer Wyatt

    Clear, sensible, very good!

    Thank you, Cathy, for a great course. Your friendly and positive manner is a bonus addition to really useful material. Cheers!

    • Mehdi S Davatgar

    Well structured

    It's a really a good course to let your develop your own style, it needs more case studies and examples

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