A-Z Guide to Mastering Spanish Pronunciation For Beginners

Master correct enunciation, eliminate your accent, and sound like a Spanish native!
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Instructed by Evelene Montano Language / Spanish
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  • Length 1 hour
  • Skill Level Beginner Level
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About This Course

Published 7/2016 English

Course Description

Ever wanted to learn how to speak like a native and reduce your gringo accent? 

Then this is the course for you! Master the basic essentials with a thorough breakdown on all the major foundations of pronunciation:

  1. Spanglish- The Spanish you already speak every day!

  2. Golden Vowels- Learn to correctly pronounce all 5 vowels (A, E, I, O, & U)

  3. Consonants- Reduce your accent by learning how to pronounce the general consonants like Spanish natives do

  4. Double Trouble- Don't let these words with two pronunciation confuse you! Learn when and how to use certain sounds with these letters.

  5. Unique Consonants- Learn to handle the trickiest words that trip up most beginners, including the dreaded R!

  6. Diphthongs- Vowel combinations produce their own unique sounds, learn to overcome the top 13 diphthongs

  7. Word Stress- Last but not least, learn to enunciate Spanish words just like native speakers, learning the 3 basic rules for stress.

Each of these modules is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pronunciations through sounds and English equivalents.

To aid you in your study, I have also provided various learning materials and tools including:

  • Flashcards - printable pdfs for practice and to aid memory

  • Audio - download to review and learn on the go

  • Mini quiz - review what you’ve learned

Once you have completed my course you will be able to use the skills you have learned in real-life applications, whether for school, work, or travel. You will be well equipped to pronounce Spanish with confidence and ease. You will leave with a solid foundation to continue your studies and excel in the Spanish language. 

So what are you waiting for!? Click enroll and begin your path of Spanish learning today!

What are the requirements?

  • Internet Connection
  • Desire and readiness to learn
  • (optional) Access to a printer to print out the Flashcards provided

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Communicate fluidly with Spanish natives from all over the globe
  • Learn to correctly pronounce the 5 Spanish vowels (A, E, I, O, & U)
  • Concur the trickiest letters that trip up most beginners, including the dreaded R roll
  • Discover the Spanish you speak every day
  • Reduce you accent by pronouncing the Consonants just like Spanish natives do
  • Know when and where to use the Double Trouble letters with two sounds
  • Learn each of the 13 unique Diphthong sounds
  • Enunciate Spanish words with correct stress

Who is the target audience?

  • Beginners who want to learn the basic building blocks and foundations of correct Spanish pronuncation

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction

Welcome to my course! A warm welcome from your instructor as well as a brief breakdown of how this course will be broken down.


The Spanish language is quickly become a high demand skill around the world! Learn why and how knowing this skill can benefit you in many areas of life.


Learn how to best use this course to enhance your learning experience 

Section 2: Spanglish: The Spanish You Already Speak

To begin with, we will cover the Spanish that sounds just like English. Believe it or not, you already know how to pronounce many Spanish words! Find out which ones in this short and easy demonstration.


Got the Spanglish letters down? Great! Now lets put this new knowledge into practice with your first set of Exercises! You will also be introduced to new Spanish sounds, so listen close and try your best to repeat my pronunciation. 


Here's some great learning resources for you to practice what you've just learned! The Audio is for you to download and practice throughout your day, and the flashcards are for you to print and cut to study with if you're a visual learner. Enjoy these resources, and study them hard! 

Section 3: The 5 Golden Vowels

Spanish vowels have a few tricks up their sleeves, and can confuse many beginners with their odd rules. In this lecture, we will break down vowel pronunciation tips and tricks so that you wont make the most common beginner mistakes! 


Now that we've covered a few tips and tricks, lets get into the meat of this module! Here, I will cover the 5 vowel sounds (A, E, I, O, & U) with a talking head demonstration. Vowels are essential to correct pronunciation, so give this lecture your full and undivided attention, because messing up on these can dramatically affect your pronunciation. 


Time to put your newfound vowel sounds to practice. Remember, practice makes perfect! Try your best to match my correct pronunciation of the vowel sounds and best of luck with this section! 


Don't forget to download the audio and review the Vowels lecture! Print and review your flashcards for best learning results. Learning this section in depth will pay off! 

Review Quiz - Golden Vowels
8 questions
Section 4: The Consonants: An Overview

Some Spanish Consonants are deceivingly similar to English pronunciation. Do not fall for these! There are teeny tinny differences between the two that can make a HUGE difference in your accent! I will demonstrate the correct differences between the two using talking head demonstrations. 


Done with the lecture! Excellent! Now its time to get down and dirty and practice those tricky consonant sounds. Using what you've learned, try your best to repeat my Spanish pronunciations. Good Luck! 


You can never review too much! The more the better! Download the audio and print the flashcards so you can make the most of this course and magnify your learning. 

Review Quiz - Consonants
4 questions
Section 5: Double Trouble: Consonants With Two Sounds

Just when you thought Spanish pronunciation couldn't get hard enough. The Double Trouble consonants are the hardest for beginners, because not only do you need to learn two pronunciations for each letter, but you need to know when and where to use a specific sound. But no worries! I have simplified this section and made it easy to understand. 


Time for the fun part! If you've studied the lecture long and hard, then you will have no trouble figuring out which sounds are used and when. Good luck, and keep up the hard work!


Here's some extra review for the tricky Double Trouble consonants. These demand your full attention and dedicated study or risk being confused or mispronounced.  

Review Quiz - Double Trouble
6 questions
Section 6: The Unique Consonants: Tricky and Odd Consonant Sounds

Ah it must feel great to be special. These letters know just how that feels, as they are odd, different, and... well.. unique! In this lecture I will demonstrate exactly how to pronounce (or not pronounce) each of these sounds. 


The dreaded R! Cue the Jaws sound track! Feared by all, conquered by none, the infamous R roll has yet to be mastered. But who will step up and do this impossible task! You, my friend, will face this beast. Dont be afraid, I will guide you step by step on how to conquer this dreaded sound.


Yield your sword of knowledge and cast it upon these exercises! As always, try your best to follow my pronunciation. Good luck! 


Get your downloadable Audio and Flashcards for on-the-go learning here! 

Section 7: Diphthongs: An Overview

If you have no clue what the word Diphthong means, then you're in the right place. Learn what this strange word means and how to pronounce it correctly. 


These trouble makers don't quite follow the regular diphthong rules. Learn what these are and meet the Umelot accent mark, an odd German accent mark that has a special place in the Spanish language. 


Get your brain ready, because we are about to go over all the Diphthong sounds and how to pronounce them using English and Spanish examples. 


If your mind has not already exploded from the sheer number of Diphthongs in Spanish, then welcome to the exercises! 


Time to practice and review with Audio and Flashcards. There are quite a few Diphthongs so its best to review them as much as possible. 

Section 8: Word Stress and Accent Marks

Learn why word stress is critical to speaking like a Spanish native and being understood by other Spanish speakers.


In this lecture we will cover the 3 simple rules to concurring Word Stress in Spanish. 


Put your Word Stress to the test with these Spanish words!

Review Quiz- Word Stress
5 questions
Section 9: Bonus Section
A Great Tool to Perfect Your Pronunciation
Pronunciation FAQ- Difficult Words to Pronounce

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Instructor Biography

Evelene Montano, Private Language Instructor (English & Spanish)

Evelene Montano is a certified Mexican-American Spanish instructor based in Los Angeles, California. Her work focuses on the basics of Spanish learning, including pronunciation, conversational Spanish, and vocabulary building. She has 5 years of private tutoring and instructing under her belt working with all ages at multiple levels from the novice beginner to the moderately fluent.

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