7 Day Urban Meditation Challenge
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7 Day Urban Meditation Challenge

This revolutionary challenge will kick-start or enhance your practice with 7 different styles of meditation!
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
36 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • Built confidence in your meditation practice as these 7 different meditations build a solid foundation for you to continue to create more mindfulness into your life!
  • Experience the power of meditation and how it helps you to maintain a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind.
  • You will learn how to set up for meditation including posture and breath.
  • Learn about and experience 7 different popular styles of meditation all in one course!
  • Receive two journal exercises that will help you get the most out of your meditation practice!
  • Our meditations will teach you how to focus longer and maintain attention for longer periods of time so you can feel more in control during busy times.
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  • All you need is an open mind and a space where you can release distractions and experience the power of these meditations!
  • Stereo head phones are recommended to help you get the most out of the audio meditations!

This course is designed to get you experiencing the benefits of meditation right away, so you can reduce stress and operate at your highest potential. Many people have tried meditation but had trouble quieting their mind that is because one style of meditation does not work for everyone. That is why we are offering you 7 different ways to meditate, so you can find the way that works for you!!

You will receive four informational videos that will prepare you for your meditation practice:

1. What is meditation?

2. How to prepare for your meditation challenge including: posture, breath and relaxing the body.

3. Information on the 7 different styles of meditation in this challenge.

4. How to use this challenge & these meditations.

Once you are ready to start the challenge you will be able to experience seven different types meditation so you can start receiving benefits and discovering what style works for you! You will receive 7 different popular styles of meditation including:

Day 1: Guided Meditation Audio

Day 2: Love and Kindness Meditation Audio

Day 3: Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Video

Day 4: Moving Meditation Video

Day 5: Sound Healing Meditation Audio with Crystal Bowl Music

Day 6: Silent / Mindfulness Meditation Audio

Day 7: Max Meditation Audio

For optimal results use these meditations daily for 7 days. This course can be extended to 21 days to create a new habit of daily meditation! You can complete this course in 7 days or less! Receive access to over 90 minutes worth of high quality content and meditations for life! Many of the meditations are 10 minutes or less- even if you are busy you can take this time each day for yourself!

Feel confident knowing that your fun and down to earth urban meditation guides, Hillary Faye and Sarah Hauch have 20 years’ experience teaching meditation!

If you find that your mind is always racing and you are feeling overwhelmed with work, family, life and obligations meditation is the answer you are searching for. If you feel stressed, tired or lack of motivation this challenge is for you!

If you are curious and don't know where to start join our mindfulness revolution now! Sarah and Hillary will walk you through meditation step by step and help you discover what style of meditation works best for you! Nothing changes in your life unless you do, if you are ready to start feeling better, sign up now! You can do this!

Who is the target audience?
  • If you are: stressed, anxious, not in control of your thoughts or actions this course is for you.
  • Whether you are looking to start a meditation practice or looking to expand upon your existing practice this 7 day challenge will help you on your mindfulness journey.
  • If you have tried meditation but found that it didnt work for you, this challenge will help you find the style of meditation that does work for you!
  • If you want to expand your meditation practice by trying new styles of meditation you have found the right course!
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Curriculum For This Course
12 Lectures
Welcome! Le'ts get started with all the info you need to rock this challenge!
4 Lectures 10:54

Welcome to the 7 Day Urban Meditation Challenge and brief description of what Meditation is!

Preview 01:17

How to start your meditation practice including: getting yourself in a comfortable position, making sure you turn off your phone and release any other distractions as well as using your breath to get you into a meditative state.

Preview 03:17

Gain some background knowledge on the seven different types of meditation you will be experiencing in this challenge:

Guided Meditation, Love and Kindness Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Moving Meditation, Sound Healing Meditation with Crystal Bowl Music, Silent / Mindfulness Meditation and Max Meditation.

Preview 04:11

Learn how meditation can help you access your inner world. Learn how to use these meditations and this challenge!

Preview 02:09
Journal Exercises
1 Lecture 00:00

The following ‘Experience’ sheet is to help you get the most out of your practice. It is by no means mandatory, and it may not be your thing, but we have found powerful insights from recording your experiences in a journal! Download the daily journal exercises below!

Creating a personal experience with your meditation practice
3 pages
Seven Day Challenge: Day One
1 Lecture 11:49

Welcome to your first day of this meditation challenge! Guided meditation is a great way to start your meditation practice. In this meditation you will be guided to relax the entire body, clear the mind, and focus your awareness. You may practice this meditation sitting or lying. Concentrate on the breathing, close your eyes and completely relax in this time just for you! You are welcome to use headphones to enhance your experience.

Guided Meditation Audio
Seven Day Challenge: Day Two
1 Lecture 12:32

This love and Kindness meditation is designed to bring you into a space of love and compassion for yourself and for others. You can re-train your mind to release stress much faster when you are feeling loving and happy. Get yourself in a comfortable position, turn off your cell phone on silent and breathe. If you find your mind wandering, go back to your breath. You are welcome to use headphones to enhance your experience. Love is the deepest healing of all and your deserve to experience your love. Close your eyes and enjoy.

Love and Kindness Meditation Audio
Seven Day Challenge: Day Three
1 Lecture 09:07

Kundalini Yoga is a safe and powerful way for you to bring awareness and balance to the mind, body and soul. These Kundalini Yoga Meditations are designed to help you release stress. You will be guided by Hillary Faye who is a certified and experienced Kundalini Yoga instructor. Kundalini Yoga Meditations are powerful, transformative, fast and effective! These meditations are best done sitting upright in a crossed legged meditation posture, if that is not comfortable you are welcome to sit in a chair- set a goal to keep your spine straight.

Both the meditations: to see beyond stress and duality as well as the learning to meditate meditation are attached in PDF format below. Watch the video the first time but if you decide to continue with one of these meditations you can practice by reading off the PDF instead of watching the video if that is what you prefer. Enjoy!

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Video
Seven Day Challenge: Day Four
1 Lecture 11:34

This will be a relaxed and gentle moving meditation, a simple exercise that combines movement with breath. Create space so you can step forward back and side to side. You will be guided to breathe and gently move the body to cleanse and clear the mind. This moving meditation builds life force energy in your navel center and aligns you with your higher self.

Moving Meditation Video
Seven Day Challenge: Day Five
1 Lecture 10:13

Sound has been used for meditation for thousands of years. You will be listening to Crystal bowl music from the renowned sound healer, Darren Austin Hall. Crystal bowls vibrate at a high energy level and the sounds they create are filled with healing energy. This meditation will bring you into a relaxed state and can be used while lying down in a very comfortable position. Close your eyes and recieve the healing vibrations. Head phones are recommended.

Sound Healing Meditation with Crystal Bowl Music Audio
Seven Day Challenge: Day Six
1 Lecture 11:05

Silent Meditation is the process of seeing things as they are; this is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. When practicing this meditation, stay with your breath. Your breath brings you into the present moment. Mindfulness/Silent Meditation is all about being in this moment- here and now. Be gentle with yourself as you practice this meditation. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Once you get started close your eyes and go within and observe with no judgments and no attachments. You will be guided for the first few minutes of this meditation and then you will be left to enjoy the silence and stillness, then you will be gently guided out of the meditation.

Silent / Mindfulness Meditation Audio
Seven Day Challenge: Day Seven
1 Lecture 15:20

Welcome to the last day of your challenge! You did it and we are so proud of you! In this Max Meditation you will experience deep-body relaxation, as well as passive, active and guided meditation. This meditation is designed to help you reduces stress & tension, gain more control over your thoughts and cultivate more joy and peace of mind. Get yourself in a comfortable position either sitting or lying and prepare to receive the relaxation and rejuvenation of this meditation. This meditation is practiced with the eyes closed and you are welcome to use headphones.

MAX Meditation Audio
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Urban Meditation Guides
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Your Go To Wellness And Meditation Experts!

Hillary Faye and Sarah Hauch are your Urban Meditation Guides and Mindfullness Experts with 20 years experiencing teaching meditation.

Hillary Faye is 500-hour certified International Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Instructor. Meditation Guide. Energy Healer.

Hillary has been on a spiritual path for over twelve years and has traveled to nearly every corner of the world, provided her with a diverse prospective on life and spirituality. She was born in California and has taught yoga and meditation throughout North America, India and Bali. Hillary further spreads her message of love as a contributing writer for The Daily Love and Yogi Times.

Sarah Hauch is a Healer. Goal & Vision Coach. Meditation Teacher. Physical & Emotional Detox Specialist.

Sarah has been working with clients for over 12 years. First earning her masters in physiology & nutrition, and then stepping into the world of energy healing. Sarah now travels the world teaching classes and seeing clients, is a corporate consultant for mindfulness based wellness programs, and soon to be mindfulness expert for CTV.

Together Hillary and Sarah's mission is to spread mindfulness and help people learn to how to release stress and live happier lives.