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In this Lecture we look at Affirmations to Re-Train the Mind & Keep us on Track in a Positive way!

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English [Auto] Within this lecture you will be chanting as it were verb really. A lot of positive affirmations and these will help you in many different ways. There will also be free paediatrics within this lecture that you can print up and take away with you. So Will is an affirmation. And what does it do. How does it work. Well in short an affirmation is something that helps us along our journey. This life is something that we can use to strengthen our goals to strengthen our mind maybe our personality maybe our spirit. And these affirmations work by repeatedly going over the same thing all the time. Yeah you could be reading something all the time. So it fixes in the mind. You could be virtually saying something I lied repeatedly through repetition. Yeah. That fixes that and strengthens thing in the morning. Or you can write something down on paper or and when we continue to use affirmations and do this practice over and over and over we see that we get a different Mullings Yeah we get a more positive mindset. We also start to believe in our soul the mind starts to believe what we are thinking and dwelling on in this moment in time. So we get strung and we get strength within our goal. So the moiling take scene where it didn't believe first of all because you've repeatedly gone over things and gone with things again and again and again. Well now you're retraining your mind to believe things from a different angle when you actually see things from a different angle. And of course the other thing we have is the Law of Attraction what we think what we see in our minds is what we attract back into our long. So it also works in that way also. So let's look at just two ways of doing an affirmation one way of doing an affirmation to help strengthen the thought. A mindset is by writing something dying or maybe even that in a diary or calendar maybe a sticky note and even that and they are on a level where we will know that we have to go past that night and see that every single day. Maybe if we're doing it saying just to give you an example it might be a good thing to put a sticky note on the side of your fraiche saying you know what it's like food you need to come back home and you not like to eat well even a sticky night. Mimir Yes they see it when you brush your teeth or maybe on the inside of your front door as you leave for work. So all these ways work. So that's just one way all doing some good affirmation techniques. Boy Reutimann And of course the other way to do these positive affirmations is to verbally read them out loud. And what this does what getting it over and over and over you hear yourself saying these things verbally and then they go back in your years and into your brain. I usually stay there to repeat them enough. Like I say the Moine starts to believe and you get strength from these affirmations. So there's lots of places you can get affirmations those free ones that if you know where it's enough. Give me some affirmations on the sheet to print up yourself. You can also make up your subject that you need to get stron. So we're going to start these affirmations right now. And what I want you to do is copy the sentence I say to you. OK. So I'm going to say a sentence and then I'm going to pause and then it's your time to repeat that sentence either in your mind or verb really lived. But when you repeat it you need to really believe what you're saying. OK. So get yourself ready. Here we go. So you can have your eyes open or closed. It doesn't really matter. And these affirmations are very positive about you so repeat after me. I am loved. Love this year. I am clear about all of my goals. I wish to accomplish I only drool in positive people to my life I am a confident person. I am a confident person. I have learned to let go of all my negative past. I will win this race I am powerful. I have forgiven myself for many things in my past. I am now giving myself permission to be happy. I know I love my self my body my so I now realize that my past has made me into a beautiful stronger person than I was before. Everything I plan this year will come true for me everything I planned this year will come true for me. I will not let other people control me. I am attracting into my life positive energy and positive people. Each day I understand my life my self better I am granted I am focused on exactly what I need to do next. I am focused on more. I need to do next. I give myself permission to slow down some things. I love the child in me that child keeps me young and alive. I love the child in me that child keeps me young and alive. All you have the strength of a huge dragon I and Julie I am grateful for every single thing I have in my life. I let go of all fear. I know I forgive all these people that have hurt me. Today I can and will cope with any problem that comes my way. I am strong. I am in control of my own life to only now I realize that all I have were one stress and over my anxiety meditation really does help put me back in this moment of my I have more power inside of me than I have ever ever taps into. I have more power inside of me than I have ever ever tapped into. I am in love all I am needed when I get stressed and anxious I realize that I can control these things. When I get stressed and anxious when I realize I can control these things when I suffer with depression I realize that I've been through this before and I will be ok. Life is a good I have purpose. This brings us to the conclusion of this lecture on affirmations and I now look forward to joining you on finishing up and going through the conclusion of this course. Thank you very much.