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English [Auto] So now we're going to do a guided meditation. So find a comfortable position perhaps in a chair with your back straight put your hands either on your thighs or in your lap. Close your eyes and slowly bring yourself into the present moment. Noticing any sounds and sensations in the body focus now on just the sensations in the body. You may notice the most prominent sensation is the sensation of the breath and your stomach moves in and out put your hand on your belly for a second just to get a really good feel for the movement of the belly. Now take your hand away and put it back on your lap. Now just notice the sensations at the belly feel a belly expand as there comes in notice when it reaches the top of the inhalation and that brief pause before it begins to exhale and then on the bottom of the exhale notice that brief pause before the air comes back in. As the air flows in. Try and stay with the breath the whole way. Just the sensation of the breath you're probably thinking right now and that's OK. Just let thoughts be there in the background while keeping the foreground of your attention on the sensations of the breath. If you ever get lost in a daydream a moment where your attention is no longer on the breath but on thoughts or sounds or any other distraction series you become aware of this go aha. Obviously not out loud. And bring your attention back to the breath. You always want to positively reward yourself for this moment of mindfulness this moment where you are aware that you are lost in a daydream. So enjoy that moment and then go back and say sense of the breath you may find it helpful to count your breaths to do this. Give a short brief count the end of a full inhalation and exhalation So then one and how See if you can get up to 10 if you don't make it to 10 before you get distracted and lose count that's OK just start over at one and try again. If you do get up to 10 you can restart your account. I want to go up to 10 again. Or you can stop counting and just return to the sensations of the breath. Remember not to try and push thoughts away that won't work. Instead let them naturally float on by you remain focused on just the sensations of the breath. If you do that the thoughts will go away on their own.