Root Chakra Healing - Meditation to overcome Money,Career and Finance issues.

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Root Chakra Healing - Meditation to overcome  Money,Career and Finance issues.

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Welcome to the chair edition cities today we will learn how to balance and who you are who chakra to overcome your money and finance issues. If you're feeling out of balance in your life or if you are unhappy with your job or your finances and struggling to meet the basic needs of your life then chances are they are not YOUR who chakra is blocked. When this chakra is Ricahrd blocked then you might be facing problems. If you are new confidence you cannot achieve goals you feel unlovable you are fearful and insecure your feeling misunderstood. Or if you are thinking of starting a business but are afraid of failing then it's time for you to work on your true chakra. So in order to balance and he will block chakra. First understand what those who Chakra the root chakra also known as chakra are First Energy Center is a base chakra and it is located at the base of the spine. Each representative color is white paint red. It is a root of your being and it establishes the deepest connection with your physical body environment and the mother of this chakra meaning is strongly associated with that concept of I am. This chakra is all about physical aspects of life. It has strong links with your feelings and with pleasure and pain by tapping into the full potential of Chuck as you open a key to health prosperity joy and expression of your own unique gifts the energy of love that allows us to harness courage resourcefulness and a will to live during tough times. It connects us with the crucial energies of our ancestors. There are challenges and there claims that a crisis like launch is bad for your lives. It not only sets the stage but also holds a foundation for everything. When you are smaller it is balanced then you feel centered grounded healthy fully alive. You also have unlimited physical energy and you can manifest abundance into your life. You pick good care of your body and simply love your life. We have learned some basic aspects of our chakra. Now we will start with guided meditation to balance and he your root chakra So sit in a comfortable meditation posture. Make sure the spine is erect and the head is trained. Close the eyes. Be at ease physically know center yourself within the body you are in a mess inside you and will draw your attention from the externalizes and distractions to the silence and stillness within observe the entire body and make sure that the whole body from the crown of the head down to the toes is free from tension the whole body should be free of all tightness and Dench's movement of mine to different parts of the body. Check each and every part each and every joint each and every muscle. Make sure that physically you are at ease. Now Become aware of the whole body and the space within the body experience the space which provides the entire body from the top to the head down to the tips of the fingers down to the tips of the toes which are like the space feel as if the body is an empty shell which is filled with air and space. When you are aware of this piece then there is a feeling of expensiveness when you are here. Here then there is a feeling of motion movement. These two feelings exist within the body or observe the movement of breath. The movement of color and line become aware of the stillness the silence and the expensiveness within the body both are present being here and space respectively. Now in the inner piece that you are seeing feeling and experiencing. Create a beautiful image of a four petal lotus flower within this BS inside your body. Just develop that image off of for battle flour. Note it use that image and take it down to the moon or the region or at the base of your spine. Observe the food better Llopis flower in the region intensify your awareness of the food battle. Lupus fly red in color. I would love to see that red lupus surrounded by golden light concentrate in them moonlight a region with duple of it mist and entropy visualize the symbol of moon or the height of a food battle. Lucas flour which is red in color. The present being the element of feel the love of Mother observe it. Witness it tried to develop a clear image of it in the moon or a region. Once the image is perceived mentally repeat the Benjamin of the IRA or the root chakra that is Lumb doing inhalation and exhalation just chant Lumb mentally allow the mind to be distracted by the repeating of mantra love keep the mind focused on the image for no lotus flower with four petals red in color surrounded by golden light with each repetition of Montreal Lumb Ludy inhalation and adulation intensify the awareness of the just repeat the mantra lumme lone lone Lumb you Lone feel the energy and vibration of mantra in more that region lone love you Lone I'm in love when I'm in love when you love one line you love you Lome you love you love you don't you. Helen Helen you focus your attention on Moonlight chakra and feel the energy of this powerful mantra love you love love you love no you love you know in love. Love. Low loan low know. No no no no no no no no no no no. I'm Lamb No no no. No. No. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. No LOL LOL LOL. LOL. No. Lone No. No love. Lol. I don't feel this energy. Love love love love love love love love. Love love love living love love love love feel this and of moving in your spinal cord. Love love love balance in your life goal you are making you more stronger and stronger day by day. Love. Love love love love love body are becoming financially strong. Many problems are desired. No. No. And then. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. But this mantra love. No. No. No. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Lome love love feel the energy in your holy body all love you own you own to divine abundance is flowing into my life. Oh don't you all love you. I am a powerful abandon beam with plenty of money love you. Home alone. I am a powerful abandon being home alone. Boom. Boom. Loan you. I am financially free to whom I am a powerful abundant being. I am a powerful abandon being I am a powerful abandon being. I am a powerful abandon being divine abundance is my natural state of being divine abundance is my natural state of being. All love. Home. Home Loan home. Boom. Loan wine. Abundance is my natural state of being home alone. Feel the energy in your body. Now slowly coming back to consciousness. No nonstop chanting No mantra and feel the energy of wonder in your holy body feel divine and she knew pretty faint on when the problem or Finas problems are of no. Just David and Jean just teeming with energy just Damie energy no food for flaming. And you enjoyed this wonderful revelation that you have directed just now.