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Pixel art is the deliberate placement of screen pixels to create a low resolution computer drawing, resembling the tradition of ancient mosaic tile art practices. Though graphics have improved dramatically over the years, pixel art is still widely used and appreciated by the video gaming and computer art communities. A pixel art class can walk you through the basics and higher level nuances of creating visually appealing digital mosaics.

Frequently asked questions
Pixel Art is a type of digital art created by assembling pixels, or the smallest element of a digital image, that is square, circular, or rectangular in shape. These small blocks of color are then arranged to create illustrated images of everything from people or characters to entire landscaped worlds like in video games. The technique of arranging the color pixels is similar to pointillism in painting, where an artist applies small dots, or points, of paint onto the canvas to create an image. The art form was created in the 1980s when computers were gaining popularity, and people were starting to experiment with digital art. Despite the wildly realistic 3D graphics available today, the 2D Pixel Art medium is still popular. It has a nostalgic appeal and loyal following in the gaming world and even in the arts as the basis for certain popular NFTs.