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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is more than just a hot topic in the financial news. Many believe digital currency is the next evolution in world trade and a great investment, too. Unlike hard currencies like dollars and euros, the value of cryptocurrency is determined online, and exchange operates outside of banking or governmental regulations. Cryptocurrency courses on Udemy can teach you the finer points of investing in and using digital money.

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Cryptocurrency is a digital alternative to traditional money and financial assets. Also known as virtual currency, cryptocurrency offers a decentralized money system and a means to store monetary assets. Based on blockchain technology, there are over 5,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation today. Used as a medium of exchange for transactions, individual coin ownership records remain stored in a database that serves as a computerized ledger. Cryptocurrency makes it easier to secure purchases, create additional coins as needed, and verify the transfer of coin ownership, thanks to strong cryptography. You can use cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services. However, many people use cryptocurrency to invest in other non-centralized monetary system assets like precious metals or stocks. Cryptocurrency is still relatively new, offering exciting possibilities.

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